Cat Theater 2

Welcome to Cat Theater! Drawn by our little sister and Lattes & Llamas’s lab assistant Alena, this cheeky webcomic is your first clue to guess which superhero will be featured on this coming Sunday’s Geek-A-Long square. The second clue is down at the bottom in the form of our Monday Flash Sale, where you can get our hand-dyed beauties at half the retail price. Alright, let’s see what our resident theatrical kittens, Gambit and Wesley, are performing this week!

Take your guesses over to the Geek-A-Long Ravelry group and join forces with other people to suss out who the superhero is. If no one figures it out by Friday, which I highly doubt since you guys are so clever, Megan-Anne will drop in with another spoiler.

Want to start from the beginning? You can read the first Cat Theater webcomic HERE.

~ ~ ~ Monday Flash Sale ~ ~ ~

The recommended colors for Week One’s Squirrel Girl were “Invisible Jet” and “Mansion Hideout.” They made a beautiful and classy combo, but this week we’re going bold. We’re swapping out the dark variegated “Mansion Hideout” for something with a bit more daring, “Daily Planet!” You can snag the colors you’ll need for week two, “Invisible Jet” and “Daily Planet,” for half off HERE until midnight tonight.

As always, we will donate $1 to Child’s Play Charity every time you purchase a skein of Geek-A-Long Yarn, even if it’s on sale. It doesn’t matter if you plan to knit the week two square with it or if you buy enough of the hand-dyed yarn to knit the free hat pattern, Undergrowth by Mandy Powers, we’ll support Child’s Play Charity.

Happy New Year and good luck guessing who the hero is on Ravelry!

~ Jac
My new favorite thing is to dig through Ravelry to find patterns to recommend with our Monday Flash Sale colors. I have a ridiculously long list of things, and I want to knit all of them.