2016 Geek-A-Long: Animal Crossing

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Every year there is a fandom that people seem to clamor for. Year one it was Firefly. Actually, regardless of the theme every year, folks want Firefly. Every time I’ve posted a spoiler this year someone guesses Animal Crossing. So this week, I thought to myself, I’ll post the spoiler and someone will say Animal Crossing. Then I’ll say yes and they’ll be so excitedBut then would it be sort of like peeking inside your Christmas gift, and then no matter how much you wanted it, it won’t be as exciting when you open it. So I willfully posted no spoilers this week, and I hope those of you that watch the spoiler thread on Ravelry will forgive me for it. I just thought this would be a really fun Sunday surprise.

With no further ado, let’s talk about Animal Crossing!

I owned a Game Cube for about two weeks. I bought it from a friend to play Donkey Kong before being highly disappointed and turning trading in the system for store credits. So I never really played the original Animal crossing until it came out on the DS. I had a friend who played the original and loved it so much she rearranged her whole schedule to dig up furniture, pick fruit, talk to her neighbors, and fish. The game has the right combination of adorable animals and addictive tasks to make it easy to become obsessed.

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LindseyLuz nominated Animal Crossing to the Leaderboards, and Chari seconded it saying

Lindsey already nominated my favorite game. I would actually like to see an entire year devoted to Animal Crossing.

OK, so we’re not giving you a whole year of it, but the least we can do is hook you up with a super boss Mr. Nook square. When I played Animal Crossing: Wild World, I was introduced to Tom Nook, Overlord of All. The game begins like all Animal Crossing games, you show up in a town and Tom Nook sells you a house and puts you deep in debt. That jerk puts you into indentured servitude before you learn how to plant flowers! And the second you pay him off, he builds you a bigger house and puts you deeper into debt. It takes forever to earn enough bells to get him to leave you alone, but only after you have given him enough money to turn his little store into a mega-mart. I have dedicated this week’s square to the greedy raccoon that forces you to work for his profit, even if it is really, really fun.

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Whether you’re knitting, crocheting, or cross stitching this square, you can download the Animal Crossing pattern here. Instructions for both knit and crochet are listed in the pattern. When you’re finished making it, don’t forget to tweet or instagram your squares at me @Doctor_Llama and Jac @jac_attacking or with the hashtag #geekalong!

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If you’re having trouble with double-sided knitting, we have a how-to video here and a tutorial on crochet here. Want to hang out with other people making the blanket? You can find moral support in the Geek-A-Long group on Ravelry here.

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