Knit One Pittsburgh

I kidnapped a llama. I’m a llama-napper now. The incident, which ended with me and a llama in a hot tub, happened last weekend while Megan-Anne and I were in Pittsburgh. It was magical. We shared an Irish coffee and a slice of chocolate cake.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I should probably start from the beginning.

Last week, I told you guys about my mini-skein fueled dreams and that Megan-Anne and I were heading over to Pittsburgh to kick off the summer with our first (of many!) trunk shows this season. We packed up the car Friday morning, brewed some road coffees, and loaded the book on tape Megan-Anne had grabbed from the library.

Side Note: We listened to A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. It came highly recommended to us after we raved about our love of the SyFy show, The Magicians, which introduced us to the book series of the same name. Unless you enjoy romantic urban fantasy books that use every single trope of the genre or being bogged down with irrelevant information, I can’t recommend A Discovery of Witches. Although, I’ll say that at this point, after listening to it for ten hours, Megan-Anne and I are still determined to see it to the end. It’s become a “so bad it’s good” experience and we scream, “SHOT,” every time she says “Ashmole 782.”


Anyway, we drove up to Pittsburgh and checked into our hotel… which is where we discovered that the US Open had decided to schedule their event the same weekend as our show. How tacky of them, right? So there we were, surrounded by golf-bros, when the lady at the front desk tried to tell me that they gave our room with the double beds to the aforementioned bros. Would a room with a queen be okay? No, a queen would not be okay. I didn’t drive five hours to be told I’d have to share a bed with my sister. She kicks. Plus, I was there on a business trip. Granted it was a low stress, super fun one, but she didn’t need to know that.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Rivera. Let me see what I can do.” She looked at her computer and typed a few things. “The only empty room we have is the honeymoon suite. You’d still have to share a bed, but it’s a king and the room has a Jacuzzi tub.” Megan-Anne started jumping around behind me saying, “Yes,” while I tried to keep cool.

The funny thing about this is that we both thought she meant a fancy bathtub, and on the long walk back to our room, we fought over who would get to use it first. We even discussed finding a Lush store to get some bath bombs. But, no. She did NOT mean a jacuzzi tub. There was a straight up hot tub in the middle of the room. It seated four! The Ramada Inn basically saved us from having to swim with all the golf-bros.

Which brings us to the Great Llama Caper. (The Llama Job? Let’s Go Steal A Llama?).

We dropped off our bags and headed over to Knit One to set up for the Saturday trunk show. While we were walking in, I saw this glorious llama in the window. I. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT. Before we left for dinner with Laura (the owner) and Kylen (her William Riker), I had Megan-Anne cause a distraction. I snuck it to the trunk of our car like a sneaky snake.

Look. I KNOW it’s an alpaca, OK? But alpaca doesn’t rhyme with anything. There’s a reason why we aren’t named Amaretto and Alpacas. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

Thus concludes the story of how Megan-Anne and I ended up knitting in a comped hot tub with a stuffed llama last weekend. It was magical, and the time we spent at Knit One was pretty great too.

We had a blast meeting Laura, Kylen, and all the regulars. If you live in/near Pittsburgh or just happen to be passing through, I highly recommend you swing by Knit One, and not just because they have our yarn for sale. The amount of comfy couches they have is ridiculous. I have never seen an LYS have so many places to sit down and knit! If they weren’t located five hours away, I’d be over there all the time, hanging out with my new best friend Kylen. (Sorry, Megan-Anne.)

Picture from left to right: Megan-Anne, Laura, Me (Jac), and Kylen.

~ Jac
And for those of you concerned, Laura knew I was taking the llama and Megan-Anne made sure I gave it back. Geeze, Mom. Get off my back.