2016 Prize Baskets: O-Wool

Now that Lattes & Llamas is back from semi-maternity leave, it’s time to talk prizes! Normally, we like to feature one benefactor per month, but we’re going to shake things up this year with even bigger prize baskets. Which, if you’ve been around for a while, is impressive:

2014 GAL Winner

In case you’re new to the Geek-A-Long, I should probably explain. SURPRISE! That nerdy, video game themed blanket you’re knitting or crocheting makes you eligible to win a boat load of swag. All you have to do in order to qualify is finish your blanket by Janurary 31st, 2017 and share a picture of the finished product with our Ravelry group. That’s it! You’ll have four opportunities to win and you can view the complete giveaway rules here. Fun, right?

And now, for the most important part of this post, announcing the first benefactor for Geek-A-Long 2016:

O-Wool has been with us from the beginning, making this their third time as a benefactor. (You can catch the previous posts here and here.) They sent us Legacy Bulk and Classic 2-Ply in the past, but this year O-Wool donated four squishy skeins of Chunky Merino.

I know this is the time of year that people normally start thinking about sock yarn, cotton, or linen, but I’m not one of those people. I’m the kind of freaky girl, who decides that spring is a fantastic time to design and cast on a chunky, lacey pullover.

It’s come to my attention that I don’t have enough hand knit garments, so I’m getting the jump on the next cold weather season by making pullovers and such now. Since I’m also a slow knitter, working on chunky knits now means I’ll actually have something to wear by the time the leaves are turning red and gold again. So, when I opened up the box from O-Wool and saw this gorgeous chunky yarn, I admit that I was super jealous. Oh the things I could do with with this yarn.

O-Wool 2016-1

Basically, I need a bunch of this yarn to fall off the back of a truck into my driveway where I’ll be waiting patiently with a grin and my knitting needles.

From left to right, the colors O-Wool sent are Brook Trout, Basalt, Pearly Mussel, and Silver Maple. And I honestly am having a hard time at picking a favorite. I wear a lot of grey and white so the Basalt and Silver Maple would have no trouble fitting into my wardrobe, but man… I’m a sucker for teals and purples. I’d wear a winter accessory made of Pearly Mussel or a sweater made from Brook Trout.

The yarn itself contains 100% certified organic merino. O-Wool strives to make environmentally responsible yarn, and the Chunky Merino is no exception. Made in the USA, the 2-ply yarn contains 166 yards (100 grams) of humanely produced squishy goodness.

O-Wool 2016-2

Thank you for your generous donation to the Geek-A-Long participants, O-Wool! You can find O-Wool on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry, and Instagram.  If you’d like to view the other Geek-A-Long benefactors and prizes, you can find them here.

~ Jac
Seriously though, I NEED to get my hands on this yarn for my next project.

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