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I’ve been meaning to formally introduce Mabel for a few weeks now. The days just seem to get away from me. A year ago, I would have needed to knit a sweater, clean the house, and make some cookies to feel like I had a productive day. Now, if I manage to make a cup of coffee, take a shower, and cake a skein of yarn, I consider the day a win. But I really miss you guys. I forgot how much I like blogging. So I’ll try to fit it in between the coffee and yarn cake moving forward. ;)

Mabel will be 12 weeks old on Monday, and I have been having a blast knitting stuff for her. I’ve been in a bubble of keeping her and her knits to myself, but maternity leave is over and I’m excited to share some of my favorite Mabel projects with you. [You know what I realized while gathering up these pics? I haven’t made her a Mabel Sweater. I deserve to be shamed for that, fellow Gravity Falls fans. I promise to address that grievous oversight very soon.] I haven’t been able to dress her up in most of what I’ve made her so far, she’s tiny and still doesn’t really fit into anything I made her while I was pregnant except for her boots.

I fraking LOVE these boots. I picked up the Quince and Co. Baby Duck Booties kit from Hidden River Yarns. I need a pair for me.

Being too small for them hasn’t stopped me from putting her in my cardigans though. I am obsessed with making her cardigans. Unfortunately, she hates wearing them.

I’ve dressed her in the Double Breasted Jacket from 60 More Quick Baby Knits a few times, but she hates it so much that it hasn’t made it out of the bedroom to be photographed. I’m pretty sure her refusals to wear cardigans is just her first way of rebelling against me. Next thing you know she’ll be not wearing cardigans while dating boys I don’t like.

I just finished this one, and haven’t even tried to put it on her. I’m hoping maybe the sheep button will be enough to convince her to wear it.

The pattern is from 60 Quick Baby Knits, not to be confused with 60 More Quick Baby Knits, which the Double Breasted Jacket comes from. Basically, I’m all about quick baby knits that come to me 60 at a time.

New life goal: put a sheep button on everything ;) #knitting #knitstagram #knitlife #knittingforbaby

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I’ve made her some dresses too, and here are two of my favorites. I’m hoping she’ll fit them by July/August.

My favorite knit she’s gotten isn’t even from me! Singingsheep, the Geek-A-Long Ravelry mod, sent this amazing elephant for her. I love it more than I can tell you. It was so thoughtful, and Mabel just loves it.


I know that was a lot of pic spamming, but I’m not sorry. I have so many pictures from my pregnancy and maternity leave to show you! I’ve been obsessed with swapping this last year, and in the very near future, I’ll get all those pics up too.


My take-away from putting this post together is that I need to make her more things.