Merry Knitmas!

Merry Christmas, my fantastic fiber loving friends! I hope Santa brought you lots of squishy yarn and gorgeous knitting needles or crochet hooks. Or both if your multi-craftual like us.

If you’re “awesome” like me, you didn’t finish all of your holiday knitting on time and are secretly happy that your in-laws went to Puerto Rico over the holidays to visit family. Now you have an extra six days to finish that elaborate blanket you’re still crocheting. You know, the one that was supposed to be quick and simple, but you got bored with the design and made things over complicated. But it’s a gorgeous sort of over-complicated and part of you is sad that you have to give it to them.

Is it too late to buy them something in its place and keep it for yourself?

No, you probably shouldn’t do that. Your husband will give you that disapproving look over his glasses again — the same one he gave you when you “accidentally” bought yourself unicorn slippers instead of picking up gifts for your nieces. Oops!

Besides, the colors in this afghan aren’t really you anyway. You picked them out to match their living room, not yours. If this was your blanket, there would be bold colors instead of beachy blues and sandy browns.

Now, all you have to do is crochet 52 more rounds, add a border, and weave in all those ends between now and next Saturday. No sweat, right?


::insert nervous laughter here::

Merry Knitmas to one and all!