Goodbye Geek-A-Long 2015

Geek-A-Long 2015 Crochet

Geek-A-Long 2015 Knit

This year flew by. We’ve had so much going on that the end of this year’s Geek-A-Long really snuck up on us. I swear I looked at the calendar in June and when I glanced at it again about a day later, it was November! On the upside, that meant we got to do our GAL photo shoot at Love Park, which is a real highlight for me. The Christmas Village was all set up this time. I ate cheese samples before having strangers gawk at us while we pulled two giant nerdy blankets out of a suitcase and hammed it up in front of the iconic love statue. It’s the little things that make life worth living.

On our way back to the car we passed the Friends Center, and true to name they were friendly enough to let us photograph the blanket on their statue. I don’t know if Mary Dryer was a knitter, but she looks like she was. And that’s good enough for me.

Geek-A-Long 2015 - Mary Dryer

Geek-A-Long 2015 Snuggled

Our blankets are safe and sound in Seattle and will be auctioned off at the annual Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction. We went last year and had an amazing time, but I’m too preggo to make the trip this year, so we had to say goodbye to the blankets in Philly. Speaking of Child’s Play, this seems like a great time to remind you to consider making a donation to Child’s Play Charity if you haven’t already (or, you know, make a second one). GAL donations are way down this year, but it’s not too late to rally and meet our goal!

The intrepid knitter may have noticed from those photos that we used a different join this year (last year we used the LLJ). This year’s join is (in my opinion) faster and easier, and just like last year’s, we invented it just for you. We will be posting a video tutorial next Sunday. You do NOT need to use this join to be eligible for prizes. You can use any join that floats your boat.

We are hard at work on the 2016 blanket, and over the next three weeks some seriously exciting announcements are coming your way. We will post a spoiler to next year’s theme on the Ravelry group this week. If you want to guess what it will be stop, by the group on Wednesday.

~ Megan-Anne
2016 FTW.