Bank Robbers

Yes, you read that post title correctly: Bank Robbers. It’s the new profession I’m considering. As it turns out, there is a limit to my Jack-of-All-Trades approach on life. I’ve hit a brick wall with my ability to learn html and the website could really use a face lift. I looked into hiring someone to make the GAL section of the site more user friendly and they’re like, “We’d like a ton of money, please.”

I wiggled my eyebrows at them and said, “How about I pay you with knitted goods? Would you like a nice pair of hand-warmers?” Then the html-wielding-gods laughed at me and I said, “Not even slipper socks made with a baby alpaca/cashmere blend?” As you can probably guess, it was still a no.

Since Megan-Anne refuses to become a bank robber with me and form a Leverage-esque team, we had to look for alternative revenue streams. (Please note that if you’ve never seen Leverage, you should hunt it down and watch it. And not just because I want you to get my “alternative revenue streams” reference.) Anyway, a while back we started thinking about what kinds of lucrative endeavors L&L could undertake. After all, we don’t want Megan-Anne’s baby to think that cheap, scratchy yarn is an acceptable lifestyle, and baby alpaca yarn to make booties out of doesn’t just grow on trees.

With the obvious exception of you guys, we’ve more or less been an island up until now. We work with other companies on a very small scale when designing with their yarns or when they become GAL benefactors, but we haven’t truly partnered with anyone before. As much fun as islands are though, they don’t tend to grow. So when the opportunity arose, Megan-Anne and I set aside our insecurities and dove head first into a partnership with one of our favorite yarn companies, Bijou Basin Ranch. We worked with them to design seven new fall colors for their Lhasa Wilderness yarn.


And then we dyed. We dyed and dyed and dyed, and it was magical.


This week it all came full circle. The yarn is premiering at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF) and is available for pre-order right here. This was a huge step for us, and hopefully it’s just the first step in partnering with more and more yarn companies to mix our love of color with their awesome fibers. If all goes well, we’ll be able to give the website a long overdue face lift, and then maybe have that custom mobile tiny house made so we can become a traveling LYS and finally live out our dreams of being yarn gypsies. I mean, that last part is more of a stretch goal, but a girl has to dream.

~ Jac

Next up on the six o’clock news, an over caffeinated knitter with crazy-eyes attempted to rob a bank last night. [Video Clip of a guard wrestling Addi Turbos out of my hands and me screaming, “Does anyone know how VAT works? Can you do html? I need to hire someone to help me when my sister is on maternity leave. Running a small business is haaaaaaaard!”]