2015 Prize Baskets: Skacel

Addi 2015 GAL (1)

I’m super excited to announce that Skacel is returning as a Geek-A-Long benefactor this year! In 2014, they blew us away with project kits that included yarn, needles, and some super-sweet project bags. You can read about last year’s prizes here. This year they have taken the prizes up another notch with the bags that I drooled over last year (seriously, it’s prizes like these that make me wish I were eligible for the GAl raffle!), and Addi-Art Diamond Needles.

Before I tell you more about these unbelievable needles, here is a quick reminder for those of you just joining the Geek-A-Long:

We’re raffling off four prizes again this year and in order to be eligible to win one of the three prizes, you must post a picture of your completed 2015 blanket to the Ravelry GAL group by January 31, 2016. The blanket must contain 24 of the 48 squares released in 2015, be joined and edged. Just like last year, the fourth prize will be raffled off for just being a member of the group. If you’re not a member, however, it isn’t too late to join and get in on the fun! You can find everything you’ll need to know about the Geek-A-Long on the FAQ page.

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About Skacel

The Skacel Collection, Inc. has been a wholesaler of high-end yarns and needles for over 20 years. Our fibers are manufactured using the highest quality materials in our German, Italian, and Peruvian mills.

Skacel is proud to be the sole North American distributor for the addi Turbo line of hand-knitting needles and accessories, as well as the Zitron, Schulana, and Schoppel-Wolle yarn lines. Skacel also distributes the Schoeller+Stahl and Austermann yarn lines within the United States. As a family owned and operated entity, we strive to provide top-notch customer service, world-class products, and cutting-edge designs.

Okay, so let’s just all take a minute to deal with these needles. Do you see those jewels sparkling inside them? Those are freaking Swarovski Crystals. Yeah. You read that right. They are stuffed with Swarovskis. It’s not a secret that I love Addis. They are the needles I choose for my own projects, and you can read all about that here or on my instagram feed. But these just transcend the normal reasons to purchase a pair of needles. I’ll be honest, I don’t own any Addi Diamonds, though I’d like too. But if I were the proud winner of these needles, I wouldn’t even know if I should use them or frame them. If you win them, you’ll have to tell me what side of that debate you come down on. ;D

Thank you for your generous donation to the Geek-A-Long participants, Skacel! You can find Skacel on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry, and Instagram.  If you’d like to view the other Geek-A-Long benefactors and prizes, you can find them here.

~ Megan-Anne
These are so opulent I imagine Marie Antoinette knitting with them. 

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