Peacock Kneasock

Peacock 5

I am thrilled to introduce the newest pattern from Lattes & Llamas, the Peacock Kneasocks. These warm and elegant knee socks are the perfect statement piece, striking and subtle at the same time. The stitch repeats are deceptively simple, and although these are knee socks they knit up relatively quickly. Thanks to the generous yardage of Cascade Heritage 150 skeins, you will only need one ball of each color for the socks regardless of what size you are making. You can get the pattern as a Ravelry download right now by clicking the button below:


A PDF will be emailed to you by Ravelry. You don’t need to be a Ravelry member to order, but if you are, the PDF will show up in your library. If you are a member of Ravelry, you can view the Peacock Kneasocks here.

Peacock 8

Peacock Keasocks are an ideal project for knitters with some sock and color-work experience, however the charts are simple and you don’t need to be an expert sock knitter to enjoy making them! Sizes are listed in both women’s shoe size and final circumference to help you choose the perfect size for you. They feature a brand new heel technique invented right here in the L&L laboratory that is designed to give a perfect fit with no pesky gaps. Worked from the top down, it’s incredibly fun and satisfying to watch the tail feather pattern developing.

Peacock 10

Peacock 2

Knit up in fun and funky Cascade Heritage 150, these will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. The Heritage 150 has such a generous yardage that a single skein of each color will be all you need to make a complete pair of knee-socks, no matter what size you are making! Oh, and not that this yarn even needs any other selling points, but it’s machine wash and dry. If you’re anything like me, that’s a major incentive. ;)

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Peacock 6

And here you thought knee socks were just for Quidditch.

Wish you could get your hands on even more L&L sock goodness?  Peasock Kneasocks join Shersocks and Cunning Socks on our list of crazy cool sock patterns. Stay tuned because there’s much more coming soon!