2015 Geek-A-Long: Pinky and the Brain

week 18 Pinky and the Brain (3)

I’ve had the theme song to Pinky and the Brain stuck in my head all week. I pulled out the crochet squares Monday night to photograph them. (I meant to write this post then since I knew I’d be in Maryland for the Sheep and Wool Festival, but life happened and now I’m writing this Saturday night in my hotel room.) And the song has been playing on repeat in my head ever since. I’m not sure which is more impressive, the fact that I still remember all of the words nearly 10 years later or that it was still stuck in my head after watching Pitch Perfect with my husband the other night. (My husband, on the other hand, has been humming “Starships.”)

I hope all of you have that stuck in your head now.

Pinky and the Brain first made their appearance on Steven Spielberg’s Animaniacs. The cartoon contained a slew of slap stick comedy and pop culture references, but the highlight of the show, for me anyway, was Pinky and the Brain. It was really no surprise when they finally got their own spin-off show in 1995. Who wouldn’t want to watch to genetically altered lab rats try and fail to take over the world every night?

week 18 Pinky and the Brain (1)

I know I should probably talk about Brain, since he was the mastermind behind the world domination plots, but I always liked Pinky the best. I loved his non-sequiturs. Almost every episode, Brain would say, “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?” And Pinky would respond with, “I think so, Brain, but [insert awesome non-sequitur here].”

…where will we find a duck and a hose at this hour?

…if we didn’t have ears, we’d look like weasels.

…isn’t Regis Philbin already married?

…how are we gonna teach a goat to dance with flippers on?

…what if the chicken won’t wear the nylons?

Comedic gold, right? That’s why I felt as if Pinky belonged on the square with Brain. Originally, it was just Brain, but how can you have one without the other?

week 18 Pinky and the Brain (4)

Whether you’re knitting, crocheting, or cross stitching this square, you can download the Pinky and the Brain pattern here. Instructions for both knit and crochet are listed in the pattern. When you’re finished making it, don’t forget to tweet or instagram your squares at me @jac_attacking or Megan-Anne @Doctor_Llama with the hashtag #geekalong!

If you’re having trouble with double-sided knitting, we have a how-to video here and a tutorial on crochet here. Want to hang out with other people making the blanket? You can find moral support in the Geek-A-Long group on Ravelry here.

~ Jac
“The irony of it all, Pinky. Years of trying to take over the world, and all I had to do was say ‘moo’.”

* * * * *

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