2015 Prize Baskets: The Dragonfly Yarn Shop

Dragonfly Yarn Shop 1

The Geek-A-Long has had some awesome benefactors in the past, and I’m always surprised by their generosity. They donate their products to the Geek-A-Long Lottery to thank you for raising awareness of Child’s Play Charity. So when one of our GAL participants contacted us, wanting to donate to the prize baskets on behalf of her family’s yarn store, I was moved. In my yarnaholic opinion, family owned yarn shops are the beating hearts of the knitting/crochet community. Each LYS holds a plethora of possibilities, from the varied selections of yarn to the hooks and needles to the camaraderie and people happy to help. So when Megan-Anne and I read the email from the Dragonfly Yarn Shop, I grinned and blushed like a preteen girl, who just caught her crush staring at her from across the room.

Before I tell you about the Dragonfly Yarn Shop and what they donated, here is a quick reminder for those of you just joining the Geek-A-Long:

We’re raffling off four prizes again this year and in order to be eligible to win one of the three prizes, you must post a picture of your completed 2015 blanket to the Ravelry GAL group by January 31, 2016. The blanket must contain 24 of the 48 squares released in 2015, be joined and edged. Just like last year, the fourth prize will be raffled off for just being a member of the group. If you’re not a member, however, it isn’t too late to join and get in on the fun! You can find everything you’ll need to know about the Geek-A-Long on the FAQ page.

Dragonfly Yarn Shop panorama

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting The Dragonfly Yarn Shop (yet), but I’m pretty sure I’d love it there. I mean, just look at those comfy chairs in the picture above! I could see myself sitting there with a travel mug of coffee on the table in front of me, my crochet in my lap, and a few of the regulars sitting beside me with their own knitting as we each talk about what were making. In this fantasy, I’m crocheting a lace panel for a knit sweater vest. I know that’s super specific, but I’ve been thinking about the design for a long time and haven’t had the time to make it.


The Dragonfly Yarn Shop sent us four notion boxes and four of their Pirouettes, the original ball spinner! As someone who has trouble keeping track of measuring tapes and stitch markers, notion boxes are always a must. Pirouettes, on the other hand, bring both the fun and utility of a yarn bowl. The Pirouette works like a swift for your yarn cake, allowing you to pull from the outside without having it run away or collapse in on itself. The handcrafted hardwood spins effortlessly on a stainless ball bearing and is available at the shop in either a Cherry or honey finish.

You can get your very own Pirouette at The Dragonfly Yarn Shop. They are located at 1327 North Wright Road in Janesville, Wisconsin. Here is a little bit about the LYS in their own words:

The Dragonfly Yarn Shop

The Dragonfly Yarn Shop was founded in Janesville, WI in 2004 and is the only local yarn shop in Rock County. We carry a great selection of high quality yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, accessories, books, patterns, and magazines for all levels of experience. The Dragonfly is also home to the original Pirouette ball spinner! We teach lessons by the hour and hold several different classes a year that include socks, mittens, and knitting techniques.

Thank you for your generous donation to the Geek-A-Long participants, Dragonfly Yarnshop! You can also find the Dragonfly Yarn Shop on Facebook, Etsy, and their website.  If you’d like to see the other Geek-A-Long benefactors, you can find them here.

~ Jac
It’s very different from my “girl with a fistful of money walking into a Trunk Show where all the yarn is 30% off” grin.

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