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dress-to-impress knitted scarves

Back in January, Megan-Anne reviewed Pam Powers’ new book, Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves, when it hit the shelves. If you didn’t catch her review of the knitting pattern book, you can view it HERE. Needless to say, we both adored it. So much so that we asked Pam Powers to join us for an interview!

– – – Q & A with Pam Powers – – –

The fabulous Pam Powers

What drew you to knitting? 
I was taught to knit as a child by my grandmother, but never picked up needles again until about 10 years ago. I had wandered into my local yarn store and was amazed by how modern the designs were. I bought a copy of Rowan magazine, yarn and needles, and I was off to the races.

What is your favorite thing to listen to while knitting?
I usually knit at night, so I watch TV. Currently I’m watching the HBO series Girls and Togetherness, did a marathon of Sonic Highways last weekend. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks—I’m a big David Sedaris fan. Did I mention Downton Abbey?

Every designer we’ve spoken to has a different take on designing patterns. What is your process like?
I find my inspiration from fashion, so I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I try and design accessories that I think work well with clothing. I sketch a shape, sometimes make a prototype out of fabric, then find stitch patterns and make a swatch. I then write and / or chart the pattern and make the sample.

One of our favorite patterns from Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves was the Quilted Lattice Ascot. What is your favorite from the book?
It seems to keep changing. Right now, I’m stuck on Duchess Wrap.

Duchess Wrap by Pam Powers

Where did your love affair with ascots begin?
I live in Southern California, so there are not many times during the year you need to wear a long scarf or cowl wrapped around your neck. There have been occasions where I have been out wearing a double-wrapped infinity scarf and seen someone walk by in a tank top and shorts. Probably the appropriate outfit was somewhere in the middle, but we Californians don’t have a good grasp on how to dress for the weather.

The ascot is a great neckwear option because of the way it lies flat and you can tuck it inside the neck of your coat. Sometimes that’s all you need. Did I mention how quick it is to make?

Quilted Lattice Ascot by Pam Powers

Quilted Lattice Ascot

What’s next for Pam Powers? Any new and exciting projects on the horizon we should know about?
I am currently working on a couple new designs for spring, and then I will be putting a collection together for fall, and possibly an e-book.

Do you have any other hobbies besides knitting?
I wish I had time to do something else. Probably photography would be the closest thing I do to a hobby, but it’s mostly work-related.

And now for the fun questions. What is your favorite caffeinated beverage?
Hot soy latte.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
That’s easy—time travel. Sadly, I tend to dwell on my past mistakes, but I suppose that’s how we learn. It would be nice though, to go back and do things differently.

Thanks for including me in your fabulous blog!

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Thank you for joining us, Pam! We loved having you and can’t wait to see what you put out this year.

Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves is on shelves now, and you just can’t go wrong with it. Whether you want a preppy cowl, girly bow, or funky western bandanna, there’s something in here to make you happy. You can find Pam Powers on her websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

~ Jacquline
Who doesn’t love Downton Abbey???

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