Amelia Stole

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“It was a very fine and beautiful web, and the merchant made a very good bargain when he gave her twenty guineas for her shawl.”

~ Vanity Fairy by William Makepeace Thackeray

I am thrilled to announce that the Amelia Stole has joined the Kniterary collection and is available as a Ravelry Download.


A PDF will be emailed to you by Ravelry. You don’t need to be a Ravelry member to order, but if you are, the PDF will show up in your library. If you are a member of Ravelry, you can view the Amelia Stole here. Or you can purchase the pattern from the Lattes & Llamas Etsy store.

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A knit lace shawl was high on the list of expensive presents that Amelia Sedley received from the Major before her family fell from society’s grace. Vanity Fair is one of my favorite books, and I regularly stare sadly at my closet wishing that it were socially acceptable to dress like a 19th century socialite. While a corset and crinoline might be a little much for my daily trip to the coffee house, the good news is a shawl is timeless. Amelia’s Stole is decadent enough for Becky Sharp to wear to a ball and versatile enough for you to wear it to Starbucks. Worked in a traditional fringed rectangle, and accented with crystal beads, this will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe.

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Worked in stunning Manos del Uruguay Fino Yarn and accented with Swarovski beads, this project has been a treat for me from swatch to cast off.

I like to take this moment in a pattern release to talk about the yarn I used. It’s honestly difficult to do justice to Fino with words. I wish that technology had gotten to the point that I could just upload “swatch” the way I upload a picture and you could rub it on your face, because this is face worthy yarn. The colors are amazing, and I’m pretty biased to the amethyst earring colorway. If I were a mythical creature, this is the color my skin would be. As much as I love the Fino colors though, what makes this yarn is the feel. It’s decadent. It’s like knitting with light, lofty butter. I want to make sheets out of it and roll around on them naked*.

*Please note that Fino is handwash only. Roll around naked on it at your own risk.

Wish you could get your hands on even more Kniterary goodness?  The Amelia Stole joins Shersocks, the Scarlet Letterman JacketH.P. LoveVestDaisy Buchanan Gloves, and Seven Rings Cowl in the Kniterary collection. Stay tuned because there’s much more to come!