Dress-To-Impress Knitted Scarves

dress-to-impress knitted scarves

For the most part, you see me making pieces of my own design. Behind the scenes though, I love trying out new things and getting to know other designer’s work. I’ve been enjoying Pam Powers’ work for years, and her new book Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves is no exception. When Jac told me that a copy of her newest book was on its way to us for review, I got really excited. She was pretty surprised by this since:

You usually whine when I ask if you want to do a review.

Yeah. I usually do. I actually don’t think I’m very good at them. So in order for us to do a review, one or both of us has to feel really passionately about the subject matter. On that note, guys, let me tell you about Pam Powers.

Chances are you’ve been enjoying her patterns for years, though you may not be aware of it. I think the first time I really noticed or got super excited about her designs was her Lacey Leaf Satchel pattern from a 2010 issue of Interweave Magazine. I had probably been knitting her patterns for a while at that point, she’s been in a lot of magazines, but that bag got me right in my feels. I made it for a friend as a new mom gift, and I wish I had a picture of the one I made, but frankly, 2010 was basically the stone ages for me. I don’t think my cell phone had a camera on it. The good news is, Interweave had a camera, even in 2,000 and late.


I don’t make that many scarves. I have one or two go-to patterns, and I usually forget how much fun they can be to make. Dress-To-Impress has rekindled my love of neckwear though! Forget what you know about boring traditional scarves, these patterns are about fun, classy, new takes on a traditional accessory. I especially appreciate the attention given to ascots, which don’t tend to get a lot of love these days. I’m actually planning to make several of them, but the one I couldn’t wait to cast on is her Duchess Wrap.

Duchess Wrap by Pam Powers

I’m a sucker for buttons and this scarf is just rotten with them.

Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves drops on January 15th, and you just can’t go wrong with it. Whether you want a preppy cowl, girly bow, or funky western bandanna there’s something in here to make you happy. If you don’t have them already, your library won’t be complete without Pam’s patterns and Dress-To-Impress is no exception. You can find Pam on FacebookInstagram, and basically anywhere magazines are sold.

~ Megan-Anne
Girl, your neck is looking kinda lonely.

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