A Shape in a Drape

Beatnik Beret (2)

This afternoon, as I transcribed my scribbled notes into readable instructions for the Beatnik Beret, it came to my attention that I hate writing blurbs. How can I possibly turn my inspiration for the beret into a few pithy sentences meant to make people smile and also convince them to crochet it for themselves? Answer: I have no idea.

Instead of just sitting down and writing the blurb like a normal person, I re-watched my original inspiration, Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton in Funny Face. Paired with a new skein of yarn and my crochet hook, it seemed like a better way to spend the afternoon. The movie reminded me that the greatest travesty isn’t that models like to trespass and ignore bookshop clerks, but that those pink monsters misshelve books after tossing them about for their photo shoots. Disgusting. Then, of course, I was reminded why I wanted to make a beret in the first place. This iconic scene:

Awesome, right? It makes me want to put on my Beatnik Beret and flounce about the living room, dancing out my feelings.

If you’d like a Beatnik Beret of your very own, I am currently calling for testers. If you’re interested, check out this thread on Ravelry. Besides receiving a free crochet pattern, all of my testers will get a copy of Kniterary Crochet when it releases in December.

~ Jac
“A shape in a drape” is beatnik slang for “a well dressed person”.