Call for Testers: The Scarlet Letterman’s Jacket

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If you come around here much, chances are you’ve heard either Jac or I mention Kniterary. The H.P. LoveVest and Seven Rings Cowl got us started, and the next pattern in the line is almost ready to drop down into the collective knitting consciousness that is Ravelry.

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society Caffenistas everywhere, I bring you the Scarlet Letterman’s Jacket:

Shot 1 choices (3)Knit up in gorgeous Bijou Basin Ranch Himalayan Trail yarn, this sweater is all about being yourself. I try not to get political in this space, but it’s worth saying that I’m proud of all the people out there standing up for every person’s right to be who they are. Guys, this one is for you. The scarlet-A was originally used to bring shame on a woman who stepped outside of society’s conventions. I used it here as a badge of honor. Live your life, and live it proudly.

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This pattern is set to be released soon, but I need your help! I’m looking for testers HERE. You will get the pattern for free and before everyone else. If testing isn’t your thing, don’t fret! This pattern will be available to purchase in just a few weeks in our Etsy and Ravelry stores.


Be you Daddy-O.