Simply Socks Yarn Company

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Hi. My name is Megan-Anne Llama, and I am a sock yarnaholic. The bright colors, generous yardage, and versatility of sock yarn makes it really hard to say no. I think the first time I socked was in high school. I know you shouldn’t take yarn from strangers, but the first skien was free! ;)

Anyways, when I found out that the incomparable Simply Socks Yarn Company was based mere blocks from my childhood home in Indiana, I HAD to check it out. Jac and I went home recently and had the opportunity to pay Allison and the other lovely ladies of SSC a visit. The store did not disappoint!

Simply Socks Yarn Co store front

They have a really unique business model. The store front is open to the public only one day per week, but the robust online shop ships six days a week. They sell exclusively sock yarn, and at very competitive prices. I asked Allison why the shop itself only opens one day per week and she told me that the real market for yarn is online. Determined not to be one of the many LYS’s that have to close their doors due to lack of business, she took her business online where she could sell to the whole world. Not only that, she committed to run her online shop like a brick and mortar LYS.

If you can see a picture of it on her website, it is in stock and ready to ship! Gone are the days that you place an order and wait weeks for the distributor to actually get it in stock. Never again will you pick a yarn and place the order just to find out that color is sold out! In this brave new world of yarn sales, our toes never need to be cold again.

simply socks yarn co interior

simply socks yarn co interior front

Of course, what’s the point of revolutionizing yarn sales if you can’t have fun doing it? Simply Socks is open to the public each week on either Tuesday or Saturday from 10AM to 4PM. Their staff is as fun, funky, and hip as the yarn. Plus, the store itself is really cool. Converted from an old post office, it seems much bigger on the inside than it appears from the outside. Which is appropriate considering how many TARDIS’s I saw scattered about the store.

bird leg bags tardis

One of the other really cool things about SSC is that in addition to being a yarn store, they also have their own line of gorgeous sock yarn! The Patina was my favorite, and Jac loved the big fat stripes on their self-striping Poste Stripe yarn. They dye the yarn in house, and Allison told me that to get those great big stripes they have to dye the yarn in giant loops, which could go the perimeter of the building!

Poste Yarn

Poste Stripe Yarn

We had a blast at SSC, thanks for having us Allison! Go check them out and get yourself some sock yarn. You can find them on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Ravelry.

~ Megan-Anne
All the cool kids are making socks. Socks, socks-socks, socks-socks-socks-socks!