2018 Geek-A-Long: Caffeinated

This year, in bold defiance of expectations, we threw out the Geek-A-Long rule book and are including some non-square designs in place of the usual GAL posts. Every fourth week, we will release a premium pattern that was inspired by one of our favorite squares from years past. Check out the Squares page for the complete schedule. The premium patterns will be released on Ravelry for $6.00 each with $1.00 from every sale getting donated to Child’s Play Charity. But for you, because you deserve it, they will be free! The Geek-A-Long post on premium pattern day will…

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Cashmere Garden Shawl

Mother’s Day is less than a month away. Let’s face it: Mom expects you to knit her something. The knitter’s struggle is real. Resist the urge to make her another pair of fingerless gloves. She gave you life, don’t you think she deserves a shawl?

The Cashmere Garden Shawl was designed to be fun to make and easy to wear. It’s unique shape wraps intuitively around your neck and shoulders, and naturally drapes beautifully. Just toss the wider end over one shoulder and wind around your neck for an elegant, eye catching…

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Hit Refresh

When people think about renewal they picture spring showers, sprouting daffodils, and fresh green grass. Generally, everything associated with Spring or maybe even the restart of the New Year. For me, it’s that start of the summer knitting season. It’s a time to put aside knitting or crocheting heavy blankets and sweaters in favor of smaller, lighter projects. Socks mostly, if you’re me. And I end up spending the majority of summer thinking about what I’ll make during the other three seasons. I even start making promises to myself as if it were January first:

I will finally knit a…

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Kraemer Yarns

Kraemer Yarn store frontMy love affair with Kraemer Yarns is no secret. I chose their Sterling Silk and Silver yarn for my wedding shawl, and a year later for Jac’s. What you don’t know is that it was the project that changed the standards for my yarn-based needs.

I started my shawl about a year before my wedding and that was right around the time when I was making the transition from being a “big box knitter”…

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I keep my promises: Wedding Edition

A long, long time ago — as far back as April 2013 — I promised to post pictures from Jac’s wedding.  I’m finally going to make good on that promise :D

I knitted the flowers for the bouquets….

knitted flowers

…and custom designed a “disney princess” shawl for her to wear instead of a veil.  (For those of you keeping score at home, yes that is Raglan shaping on the shoulders.  That’s how I do!)

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Knitshamed Lace Shawl

Before my honeymoon, which was over two years ago, I bought a bunch of Patons Sequin Lace Yarn. I wanted a special project to knit on my honeymoon, because I’m just that nerdy about knitting. I was convinced that the best thing in the world would be to sit on my private deck in the morning with a cup of coffee and knit a shawl. I had this vision of Mr. Llama rising from bed after I’d made it through a couple of rows and he would order us room service…

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LLama Llama Wedding Drama

My favorite Miss has become a Mrs.!  Congratulations to Jacattack, who is off luxuriating on her honeymoon as I type this.  The happy couple survived the last minute drama of an MIA hairdresser and danced the night away. It was beautiful and the food was delightful.

In related news, I finished the knitting in the literal 11th hour and…

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dec 1, yarn over, espresso, k2

Kevin and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  He has been my rock through all of the drama that goes along with school, work, and life.  He patiently puts up with my biannual yarnageddons, tolerates the every expanding “yarn space,” even as it comes closer and closer to encroaching on his “comic book space.”  He cheered for me in graduate school and supported me when I left to pursue medicine.  He stood by me through a whole lot of midnight freak outs over whether or not I would get into my first choice post bacc program and…

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