Put a cuffle in your face…

With Jackie’s wedding mere days away, I have been burning the midnight oil to get the shawl and flowers done.  I am ecstatic to report that the flowers are finished.  I hate them a little less now that I’m done making them.  They turned out absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to hold them with her as she marries Dave.

After I met Kevin, we thought that the odds there would be a second man out there who would actually ‘gets us’ were pretty low.  And then she…

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It’s coming up on the time where I’ll have to leave the relative safety and comfort of my post bac to apply to Med school for realsies.  I don’t say this often, but I’m scared.  The process is daunting.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by options in Philly. You can’t swing a dead cat out here without smacking it into a med school and at this point I’ve toured them all. I’ve been to endless open houses and for the most part they are all the same. Only one school in particular stood out for me, the Philadelphia College of…

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Knock On Wood

This year for my birthday the Universe got me an education!  It is with a great sigh of relief that I can tell you my financial aid got resolved. Now I can kick back, relax*, and maybe lay off the Tums.

We were personally asked back to a craft show we did last year that I really enjoyed. Apparently the members of the Temple where it’s held were asking for us.  That’s pretty much the highest praise a knitter can get.

Spider Man the Musical was ridiculous.  Most of the second act was airborne. It may not win any Tony’s…

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Frack These Flowers

I wish I could update you on the financial aid situation, but I still don’t know how this will play out.  I’ll add an update once I do.  I’ve developed an actual ulcer I’m so stressed over it.  I’m not proud of that.  Even my knitting has turned into tiny tense stitches.


As of now I’m doing my best to try and hold it together while negotiating a solution with the school, but it’s a challenge to ask for money and social change simultaneously.  I’m worried I’ll only get one or the other.

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I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

It’s been a rough month and Jac got us tickets to the Spy exhibit at the Franklin Institute to cheer me up.  Frankly, there could have been more yarn for my taste, but it was crazy cool.

Did you know that spies used to put in a fake tooth with a tiny compartment in it and keep micro film in there? That’s commitment.


I think I could be a spy.  I would knit secret messages into a fair isles sweater vest and dead drop that in a park.  Waaaaay better than putting it in…

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It’s been a challenging month for this pre-med. There was a financial aid snafu wherein the aid I was awarded was not disbursed.  Out of nowhere, I was put on a financial hold and told to cough up $7,000 or drop out. I made an appointment with the appropriate personnel and it should have ended there, but it didn’t.

When I tell the full unedited story of my meeting with the appropriate personnel, I sound insane. The general reaction is “that can’t have happened.” But it did and for the first time in my life, I am at a loss…

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April flowers bring May showers. That’s how it goes, right?


I love my sister.

I feel I need to say that here since at home I tell her how much I hate her about once a day at this point.  Her shawl is underway and being made with the same yarn I used for mine, but in deep, forest green.  I’m pretty nervous about whether or not my math will work out, and I’m distracted with how tough school has been this semester.  Keeping up with a 50 hour a week job, and my post bacc, and my knitting while maintaining some semblance of…

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dec 1, yarn over, espresso, k2

Kevin and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  He has been my rock through all of the drama that goes along with school, work, and life.  He patiently puts up with my biannual yarnageddons, tolerates the every expanding “yarn space,” even as it comes closer and closer to encroaching on his “comic book space.”  He cheered for me in graduate school and supported me when I left to pursue medicine.  He stood by me through a whole lot of midnight freak outs over whether or not I would get into my first choice post bacc program and…

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Vogue Knitting Live

I don’t know if y’all remember that shirt I’m too famous for, but this year I was a Vogue Knitting Design finalist.  It was an amazing honor, and for that one glittering weekend I was knitteratti.  I got drunk with the actual Debbie Bliss, I ate food so fancy it was worth photographing, and stayed at the Marriott in Times Square.  It also provided a wonderful excuse to wear my wedding shawl AND buy a new dress.  I spent an entire day at the market place where I was basically…

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Blame it on my ADD

I love to make sock.  I am not so great at socks.  I always think “this is the time I make 2 complete socks”, but almost every time I just make sock.

It’s gotten to where my sister rolls her eyes and pats me on the head when I announce I’m going to make socks.  They are always really fun for the first cuff, but by the time I get to the toe I’m often bored with the pattern and never get all the way to that second toe.  But this year at one of my Holiday craft shows, I had a lovely lady…

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