Vacation Yarn

So, for a long time now we’ve been mentioning that some changes were afoot. With no further ado, Jac and I are beyond thrilled to introduce Vacation Yarn by Lattes & Llamas!

Colors 1-20

We are getting our line started off with our favorite of all the yarns: Sock Yarn. You may not be able to sneak away for a holiday whenever you want, but you can always take a yarn vacation! Each and every skein is hand dyed right here in the L&L studio by me and Jac. Each of our fun tonal shades is available as either 300 yard full skeins or 100 yard mini-skeins.

Hey Megan-Anne, how come I can’t find the dye lot #?

There isn’t one! All of our yarns are dyed in small batches using our own special process to get those deep, fluid, tonals. Because of that there may be small variations between skeins. If you know you will need more than one skein of a color to finish your project I recommend alternating skeins every row or 2.

In addition to the 20 tonals, we have a selection of kits available, and plan to add more kits each month.

Dancing Robot Kit 2


All of our yarn was designed with color work socks in mind, so the kits are probably my favorite part of this whole announcement. I am debuting 2 new patterns as kits, and I honestly think it’s some of our best work to date. You can grab yourself a kit (a great value by the way, it includes the yarn and a printed pattern for less than the cost of the 2 skeins alone!) for the Dancing Robot Socks, and/or the Queen Bee Socks.

Dancing Robot Collage

queen bee collage

As of typing this we are only able to ship within the US. This isn’t because we don’t want to ship to you, Other Countries. But frankly, there is a ton of paperwork involved because of customs and sales tax and VAT. We have filed all the paperwork and our customer service llama is hard at work on making sure this gets fixed soon. We expect to be shipping to Canada in a few weeks and Europe next month. So hold tight, we’ll get it to you soon!

We’re also going to be running special promotions all week long on our favorite of the social mediums, Instagram. I’m @Doctor_Llama, and Jac is @Jacattacking. Stay tuned for some pretty sweet coupons and giveaways.

My favorite color is Vacation in Hatboro

My favorite color is Vacation in Hatboro

Jac's fav is Vacation in Fort Wayne

Jac’s fav is Vacation in Fort Wayne

Our yarn adventure has been a really long time coming and we are excited, and anxious, about hitting “publish” on the whole thing. Also, exhausted. “We’ll sleep in June after the yarn launches” has pretty much been the mantra around here since February. I genuinely hope that you guys love the yarn as much as we do.

A ton of thought went into every color, and we agonized over what the perfect fiber is for our debut yarn. Each color is named after a town that means something to us, and the yarn was specially selected to satisfy our overly critical expectations. We wanted it to represent us, so anything that wasn’t Superwash was out. ;) We went with a soft, durable blend of 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon for sheen and longevity. What’s the point of spending all that time knitting socks if they can’t handle the wear and tear of shoes? On the flip side, what’s the point if the fiber isn’t soft and fluffy? I feel really good about our final decision on the yarn. It’s soft, warm, and has a nice squishy halo to make it a treat to knit with and wear. And you can throw it in the washing machine, so that people like me will actually wash it.

We’ll be adding more bases down the road, and more kits and patterns monthly. You guys have been there with me for some really special moments. My first runway, the completion of the first geek-a-long, and now my first yarn line. It’s an honor for me to share it with you, and I hope we made you proud.


If you need me I’ll be sleeping for the next few weeks.