SilverSpun Peter Pan Collar

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Jac mentioned earlier this week that we received a skein of Feel Good Yarn’s fabulous SilverSpun. As is protocol, we began our relationship with a new skein of yarn by rubbing it all over our faces. *cough* I mean by looking at it with our eyes just like normal people. *cough*


We knew right away that this had to become jewelry. Jac made a wrap bracelet and I have been living in it ever since. For my project, I wanted to make something that paired the luxury of working with silver (fun fact: there is REAL silver spun into this yarn. Not only that, it is permanently adhered to the fibers so it won’t wash out!) with a little bit of work-appropriate whimsey.

Peter Pan collars are very “in” right now, and thanks to the neutral color of the yarn you can pair this with just about any outfit.

Basically, this necklace will instantly make you look 20% cooler. Plus, the whole collar only took about 1.5 Dance Moms episodes to make*!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away and it’s not too late to get Mom something handmade! Silver Pan knits up so fast that you can easily make one for yourself, a friend, AND your mom in a single Netflix binge. The pattern is available in the Lattes & Llamas Ravelry store for just $1.99, but you don’t need to be a Ravelry member to get the pattern. Click the handy dandy “buy now” button below and a PDF will be emailed to you upon purchase. If you are a Ravelry member, it will also be added to your library.



duck face

To make this collar you will need a clasp, and a charm for the center.  The length is customizable depending on how loose/long you want it to be.

*If you don’t measure your time in TV shows, you are probably doing it wrong.

You’re at the top of my pyramid.

* * * * *
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