Giveaway Winner and Advent Yarn Calendars

Hi. Hello. How are you? I’m 100 percent hungover, so I’m going to need everyone to read quietly today. Last night, my husband and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary, and I might’ve gotten a little carried away drinking these blackberry Moscato cocktail things. They’d bring me this single serve martini shaker filled with deliciousness and then I’d pour it into a glass of Moscato… It seemed like a great idea at the time. You see, my husband and I take turns being the designated driver, he gets Valentines Day and I get our anniversary, but we have this rule…

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Hunting Sasquatch

Our knit and search mystery knit along has drawn to a close, which means it’s time for me to share our photos of the completed design!

I’m not sure where other designers take photos of their samples. They all either seem to have one big blank wall in their house or live on a farm or something. I don’t know. There’s no such thing as a blank white wall in either of our houses or even in the dye studio. Add in the fact that we live in the…

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Solar Eclipse of My Heart

Good afternoon! How are you? I AM FREAKING AWESOME.

This morning I woke up to discover that my cat had peed on my throw pillows and I don’t even care. Normally, I’d be like, “OMG, Wesley! Why do you hate me so much? I know you have a UTI, but do you really need to pee on everything I love? Weren’t my favorite boots enough?” Today, I grinned at him while I cleaned up the mess. Nothing can get me down. I am obsessed with the solar eclipse.

I’ve been singing this song for weeks, and it’s driving my husband insane….

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L&L Book Club: Matched

I know it’s only Wednesday, but man does it feel like this week has disappeared on me. Yesterday morning I was thinking about a project that I need to do before a baby shower on July 9th. And I thought, meh, I have tons of time. It’ll be quick, I have all of this and next week. Tonight, I’m all:

Holy cast on, Batman! I need this next weekend to knit, and I haven’t even wound the yarn yet!

It’s that big pile of turquoise on the right. Sure, Megan-Anne, you’ve got pleeeeeeeenty of time. ;)

So it’s good that I went…

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Book Club: The Codex Alera

I mentioned in the Ravelry Group that I’m starting our very own fiber enthusiast book club. And now I am actually doing that. Considering my coffee maker broke a couple of day ago and I haven’t had a chance to replace it yet because of Jac’s car accident, I think this is some pretty high-level follow through. So here is how this will work: I, and any of you that want in on the fun, will read/listen to a book and knit/crochet some stuff each week. I love to listen to…

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The fact that I’m not using all caps right now, I think, is a small miracle. Really, I’m showing a lot of restraint. (You’re welcome.) Because what I’d like to do looks a little something like this:


Now, imagine me typing an entire post in huge bold letters. It’s what I want to do since I just finished Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line

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Creature of (pattern) habit

Guys. Guys. Guysguysguysguysguysguysguysguysguys. Have you seen Melanie Berg’s shawls? Oh? You have? Well I guess you haven’t been living under a tastefully yarn-bombed rock like me. Have you actually made one though? ‘Cause until 3 weeks ago, I hadn’t. I’m a creature of habit in the worst kind of way when it comes to yarney-goodness. On the one hand, I miss out on stuff sometimes, because I suck at trying new things. On the other hand though, when I like something I go all in fangirl style. And right now, I am cosplaying as Melanie Berg.

In all…

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FO Friday: Kimono-Sleeve Tee


Sound the bells and pop open a bottle of wine, I finished my Kimono-Sleeve Tee! And it only took me an entire calendar year.

I could blame my slowness on the fact that I’m a crocheter and it was only the second garment I’ve ever knitted. Plus, it was my first time doing lace. But the reality is that I’ve always had…

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Hit Refresh

When people think about renewal they picture spring showers, sprouting daffodils, and fresh green grass. Generally, everything associated with Spring or maybe even the restart of the New Year. For me, it’s that start of the summer knitting season. It’s a time to put aside knitting or crocheting heavy blankets and sweaters in favor of smaller, lighter projects. Socks mostly, if you’re me. And I end up spending the majority of summer thinking about what I’ll make during the other three seasons. I even start making promises to myself as if it were January first:

I will finally knit a…

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Count Down to Knit One

Last night, I dreamt of mini-skeins. They were everywhere. Normally when I dream about yarn, it’s a Scrooge McDuck scenario and I’m swan-diving into a vault of rub-on-your-face soft skeins. It’s delightful really, especially since I can dive underneath like it’s water and I’m not allergic to angora. But, my mini-skein fueled dream wasn’t anything like that this time. Instead, I was in the studio, hand dying bases like it was any other day.

I suppose it isn’t the worst thing in the world to spend a dream doing that thing you love. But every time I thought I finished…

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