2018 Geek-A-Long: The Princess Bride

After four years of requests for it, the Geek-A-Long has gone EXTREME!!! You can knit this square while jumping out of an airplane! You can knit it while doing Parkour!

Actually, you really shouldn’t be knitting while doing either of those things. Skydiving and Parkour don’t seem like ideal places for pointy sticks. How would you keep your yarn from getting tangled? Still, this square is as extreme as Power Thirst.

Since the moment the Geek-A-Long appeared on the interwebs, there have been intrepid knitters that wanted to up the difficulty level with extreme double knitting. Regular double…

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2014 Geek-A-Long: The Princess Bride

Spoilers! #knitting #geekalong #mustache

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This post was NOT supposed to be about The Princess Bride. While I adore the movie and recently bought the bookto read, The Princess Bride was actually supposed to be released as the week 46 GAL square. Now, you might be saying to yourselves:

But, Megan-Anne, why does it matter that you announced The Princess Bride¬†as the week 44 square in several places on the internet after posting a super cool spoiler pic, which you’ve been holding onto for months? Just roll with it and make the original week 44…

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