Color Work Yarn Management and Swatching

After a long weekend of dying yarn and celebrating the end of summer, Sasquatch kits are back in stock! SO. MANY. MINI SKEINS. The kits have been assembled and you can get yours in the store now. As we gear up for the hunt, ball your yarn, brush up on the Twisted German Cast On and/or Two-At-A-Time socks techniques if you want to try something new with this project, and work on your gauge swatch. Then, you’ll be all set to cast on when the first clue drops next Wednesday!

Side Note: Jac wants me…

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It’s dangerous to go alone

Our love of all things Zelda is probably not news to anyone. It featured on both the 2014 and 2016 blankets. If you click the 2014 link, you can read about my introduction to the franchise and check out one of my earliest Zelda inspired knits. So it wasn’t really a stretch when we chose the Zelda franchise as our inspiration for the limited edition March colorway, Hyrule. The hand dyed silver and green yarn is available on our Geek-A-Long sport weight Merino blend.

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Knitshame On Me

So, earlier in the week Jac told you about our trip to Pittsburgh, where we hung out at Indie Knit and Spin. I give her a lot of crap, but she’s a good sister. She told you about some of the new hand-dyed yarns we’re rolling out this year, but left out my deep and abiding shame. I was raised Catholic, so I know a lot about shame, and I’d put this one on par with unclean thoughts during Ash Wednesday Mass. It’s not going to make the Saints cry, but it’s not something I want to…

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2015 Prize Baskets: Blue Moon Fiber Arts

blue moon fiber arts 2015

It’s a dreary, rainy day here in Philadelphia. By the time Hurricane Joaquin arrives on Monday, I’m sure I’ll be over it, but right now, I am 100% in love with this weather. It finally feels like autumn has arrived. The sky is overcast, I’m piling on the crocheted blankets instead of turning on the heat, I have a cup of freshly ground and brewed pumpkin spice coffee, and my mind is on the Geek-A-Long mega raffle.

We’re raffling off four prizes again this year and in…

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Vacation Yarn

So, for a long time now we’ve been mentioning that some changes were afoot. With no further ado, Jac and I are beyond thrilled to introduce Vacation Yarn by Lattes & Llamas!

Colors 1-20

We are getting our line started off with our favorite of all the yarns: Sock Yarn. You may not be able to sneak away for a holiday whenever you want, but you can always take a yarn vacation! Each and every skein is hand dyed right here in the L&L studio by me and Jac. Each…

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Yarnaholics Anonymous

This is the story of how two well-meaning crafters came to terms with how they’re Yarnaholics. It’s a common story in the knitting/crochet community. A women buys her first skein of yarn and suddenly ten years have passed and her yarn stash has taken over an embarrassing large portion of her house. It has its own storage area in the basement and the office. It’s hidden inside the end tables in the living room. It’s squirreled away in clear plastic…

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Sock Addict

spa socks

Hello, my name is Jacquline and I’m addicted to making socks. I’ve crocheted my fair share of slippers, and at the beginning of December I whipped up a pair of spa socks to keep my feet warm on the way home from getting a pedicure. But lately, I’m all about knitting them instead. Last week, I mentioned I had put off weaving in the ends of my first knitted sweater in favor of learning fair isles and how to knit socks. Well, here they are!

Color work is so Zen. #knitting #socks #sockaddict #happyfeet

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We did…

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Free Stuff: Blue Moon Fiber Arts

When Megan-Anne told me Blue Moon Fiber Arts was going to be the Geek-A-Long benefactor for November, I said: “Blue Moon, who?” To which she replied, “You know, the Socks That Rock.” And then I squeed like a 1990’s tween girl at a New Kids on the Block concert.

Over the past year, we’ve received many packages from companies willing to donate their products in the name of awesomeness. That awesomeness being the Geek-A-Long participants and their efforts to raise money and awareness for Child’s Play Charity. Every time we receive a box from

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Simply Socks Yarn Company

sock yarn happiness
Hi. My name is Megan-Anne Llama, and I am a sock yarnaholic. The bright colors, generous yardage, and versatility of sock yarn makes it really hard to say no. I think the first time I socked was in high school. I know you shouldn’t take yarn from strangers, but the first skien was free! ;)

Anyways, when I found out that the incomparable Simply Socks Yarn Company was based mere blocks from my childhood home in Indiana, I HAD to check it out. Jac and I went 

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