Twinkle, Trunk Show, Sock Knitter, Spy

Man, it has been a crazy and busy few weeks! I’m deep in the trenches of Christmas knitting, and I’m probably not going to make it on all my projects, especially since I have one million things to do before we attend VK Live in NYC this January. I have a massive blanket and a long infinity scarf that will be finished, but I can’t show off pics yet since I’m not really sure how much of my family reads this.

I also have a really special project I’ve been working…

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Coffee Bean Socks

First we drink the coffee. Then, we knit the socks.

Last week, Jac told you about our newest yarn obsession: The Society Of Caffeinated Knitters. I’ve wanted to do a sock club for ages, and it’s come together in the best possible way. Seriously, I am dying to tell you about some of the surprises we’ve lined up for the first few boxes. Listen, I swore to Jac I wouldn’t spoil it, but I feel like Oprah when…

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Thankful Thursdays Part 4

Happy Ritual Sacrifice!

I love Thanksgiving. To commemorate a past event we consume a symbolic animal. Plus, you know, cranberry sauce. It’s an L&L tradition to drop some ridiculous fandom patterns on you to show our gratitude for another awesome year. Last year, we gave you the creepiest Cas. This year we finally answer the question: What time is it?


If you don’t know what Thankful Thursdays are, you can read more about that here and here and here. Jac and I are making…

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