Linvilla Pullover Pint-Sized

Is it possible to have an Eggo Waffle hangover? Because I’m pretty sure I have one. Over the weekend, we had a nine-hour-long Stranger Things 2 marathon party, and we ate an embarrassing amount of waffles. I’m talking about bought-it-in-bulk-from-CostCo amount of embarrassing. I naively thought I’d have some left over for breakfast for the next month, but no. We went at them like it was our jobs. On the upside, my sugar high ensured that I made serious progress on my Christmas knitting.

But today isn’t about…

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Currently Crushing On

Hello and good morning! How are you as we enter the final stretch of October? I was doing awesome. For the first time in my adult life, I managed to purchase Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters a week in advance instead of scrambling to get it the day of, but now it turns out there was a reason why I wait until the last minute: my dear husband, who is currently laying in bed moaning, “Why did you let me do this to me?”

Normally, my husband is the responsible one in our relationship since I’m the hurricane of crazy.

Megan-Anne at…

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Call for Testers: Linvilla Pullover Pint-Sized

Hiya, knitters! I’m here to interrupt your regularly scheduled Thursday with a call for testers. I know, you’re devastated. How dare I help you get one step closer to the weekend with a brilliant distraction. I apologize for inconveniencing all of the boring work things you had planned. What can I say, I’m an enabler.

The inappropriate nose-picker you see above, also known as Megan-Anne’s little photo spoiling daughter Mabel, wants you to knit a super cool Linvilla Pullover for your favorite pint-sized person. Actually, she probably doesn’t since she likes to be “The Special,” but that’s besides the point….

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