2017 Geek-A-Long: Black Panther

I can’t speak to what Black Panther means to the Black community. His name predates the Black Panther Party, and it’s my understanding that the party did not have him in mind when they chose their name. Jack Kirby had originally named him “The Coal Tiger” which is a dumb name and I think that we can all see why it would be changed. He fought the KKK in a story that was controversial in 1976. Sadly, thanks to our political state, the character is still seen as somewhat controversial today. Did you…

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L&L Book Club and the Shining Sequence Mittens

I took a two week hiatus from book club. It was partially because I was recovering from a nasty cold and partially because I’ve had so much exciting L&L stuff to get ready for that I forgot totally remembered, but didn’t post due to very important reasons. ;)

But I’m back, at least 80% less sneezy, 20% cooler, and chomping at the literary bit! Before we jump into this week’s book, I have a few bookkeeping announcements:

Subscriptions for the Society of Caffeinated Knitters (SoCK club) -and- the GAL guild are open for membership. This…

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Socktober MKAL Part 2: Living on the Fibery Edge (and a Giveaway!)

Our Socktober MKAL is up and moving, and I’m loving seeing pics of peoples work on Instagram and the Ravelry forums. If you missed the excitement, you can get all caught up with the first clue. Now that it’s time for the second clue, I realized that there is a really fun side effect of running an MKAL:

I can filibuster and people will put up with it, because they need the next clue!

I’ve gone made with power. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA.