Kaylee’s Sock

Happy Valentines Day, fellow Browncoats. No one appreciates a box of chocolates and strawberries like our girl Kaylee Fry, so I thought it would be appropriate to finally set the Kaylee Sock pattern and colorway loose from the Society of Caffeinated Knitters vault today!

The Alliance might’ve won the Unification War, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be free. They can’t take the yarn or knitting needles from us if we still have Serenity.

You might recognize Kaylee’s Sock from the August 2017 Society of Caffeinated Knitters box, which you can…

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SOCK Club: Kaylee’s Box

The Powers-That-Be at L&L have decided that it’s been long enough since the first installment of the Society of Caffeinated Knitters (SOCK Club) to show off what was inside. This being the first box, we felt like it would only be appropriate to do Firefly! It gets guessed multiple times a year on the Geek-A-Long spoiler thread no matter the theme, and since the Geek-A-Long is the original Lattes & Llamas Knit-A-Long, we wanted to show it it’s due. (And we’ve been fans since the series premiere

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2014 Geek-A-Long: Firefly

week 37 Firefly (3)

Funny story guys: The week 37 square was not supposed to be Firefly. I got the order mixed up when I posted the spoiler pic on Ravelry this week. Firefly was meant for next week and Jac is totes annoyed with me, because I have denied the Ravelers one last week of guessing Firefly when it wasn’t. I’m annoyed with me, because frankly, that was a highlight for me. I realize academically it should have gotten old, but the running joke of the GAL…

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