Cat Theater 6

Almost everyone in my family is sick right now. We’re spread out across the US, but somehow we all have managed to get the same nasty cold. And it’s not even the fun kind of sick where you get to hole up in your room with your knitting, some tea, and work through your Netflix queue. No, it’s the sort of cold where you take a nap at one in the afternoon and wake up the next day with an insatiable hunger for homemade chicken pot pie. But just the innards of the pot pie though. No, flaky crust….

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Bigger, Bolder, Super-er

Every year in December, Jac and I get anxious about the next year’s Geek-A-Long. I’m not exaggerating when I say that both of us have lost sleep every single year over whether or not we are making the right calls. This year, however, has been next level stressful. This year, we are betting the llama farm* on you guys. And as scary as it’s been to prep for, we are all in.

To date, the Geek-A-Long community has raised just over $6000 for Child’s Play Charity.

I think we can agree that’s…

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Bank Robbers

Yes, you read that post title correctly: Bank Robbers. It’s the new profession I’m considering. As it turns out, there is a limit to my Jack-of-All-Trades approach on life. I’ve hit a brick wall with my ability to learn html and the website could really use a face lift. I looked into hiring someone to make the GAL section of the site more user friendly and they’re like, “We’d like a ton of money, please.”

I wiggled my eyebrows at them and said, “How about I pay you with knitted goods? Would you like a nice pair of hand-warmers?” Then the html-wielding-gods…

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Vacation Yarn

So, for a long time now we’ve been mentioning that some changes were afoot. With no further ado, Jac and I are beyond thrilled to introduce Vacation Yarn by Lattes & Llamas!

Colors 1-20

We are getting our line started off with our favorite of all the yarns: Sock Yarn. You may not be able to sneak away for a holiday whenever you want, but you can always take a yarn vacation! Each and every skein is hand dyed right here in the L&L studio by me and Jac. Each…

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