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Man, it has been a crazy and busy few weeks! I’m deep in the trenches of Christmas knitting, and I’m probably not going to make it on all my projects, especially since I have one million things to do before we attend VK Live in NYC this January. I have a massive blanket and a long infinity scarf that will be finished, but I can’t show off pics yet since I’m not really sure how much of my family reads this.

I also have a really special project I’ve been working…

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Gilmore Cast On Party

All right ladies, gentlemen, and fellow java junkies, this is what we’ve trained for. We’re all recovering from our turkey fueled coma’s and possibly have bags under our eyes from Black Friday shopping even though we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t feed the corporate beast encroaching on Thanksgiving, but then Aunt Jan passed that flyer our way and we were like, “Dear god, yes. I do need to drop everything and go stand in line to snag this super sweet deal.” But we can get through this. Together.

The time is now 3:01 AM EST. The Gilmore Girls revival is officially…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Yoshi’s Wooly World


I know you didn’t think there was a possibility we were going to let the Geek-A-Long video game blanket end without Yoshi’s Wooly World! A few weeks ago I told you about Little Big Planet and all the tributes you can find to it on Ravelry. Those are NOTHING compared to all the Yoshi projects you can get your hands on! This is the point where I usually talk about the game, but the name pretty much sums it up. It’s Yoshi, and yarn, and it’s available where ever…

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Socktober MKAL

We just wrapped on the first KAL of Socktober, the Minecraft Sock by Heather Cox.

I had a blast knitting them up in Adventure, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get second sock syndrome on them. Luckily, for the second half of Socktober we’re doing our socks two at a time, so I only have to get through second-half-of-sock-syndrome. ;)

We’re doing a mystery knit-a-long or MKAL for this one. If you haven’t done an MKAL before, here’s how it works:

The pattern will be released as individual “clues” rather than all at once. You won’t…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: GoldenEye 007

08 GoldenEye 2

GoldenEye 007 is best known for changing the face of first person shooters. For me, it’s the game that taught me to never trust anyone ever again. Before high school, most of the people I hung out with were the children of my parent’s friends. Fall of ’97 I wound up at Alex’s house nearly every week when our dads would hang out. We were never close. He was younger than me, a boy (I wasn’t over my fear of cooties then), and there weren’t…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Katamari Damacy

06 Katamari Damacy Prince 2

Katamari Damacy came out in what I would consider my personal golden age of gaming. 2004-2008 were my Purdue University years, and I’ve never gamed like I did then. Socially, it was not a great time for me and video games were the perfect escapism. I had heard about Katamari Damacy on Penny Arcade and splurged on the game.

Do you remember being a kid and rolling a snowball down…

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Thankful Thursday-Part 2

Last week Jac and I introduced Thankful Thursdays. As the year draws to a close, we want to take some time out each week to show our gratitude. And what better way to say thanks than with a free pattern? So for the second installment of Thankful Thursdays, I bring you Fingerish Mitts:

Finger-ish Gloves (2)

Fingerless mitts are cute, but I don’t actually like wearing them. They sort of flop around on my hands. I won’t apologize for my weirdness on this. But I like the freedom that not…

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Thankful Thursdays

Oh hai guys. How have things been? Things over here have been pretty exciting. Jac and I will be setting up shop at the Maryland Alpaca and Fleece Festival next weekend where we will be debuting brand new Lattes & Llamas yarn, including an exclusive alpaca gradient kit. That’s basically been taking up all of our time lately.

Well, that’s not completely true, the cloning experiment I’ve been participating in is relatively time consuming too. I can’t believe how big I’ve gotten!

That bump is out of control! That bump is…

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2015 Geek-A-Long: Professor Farnsworth

week 39 Farnsworth (2)

Good news everyone, Professor Farnsworth is on the Geek-A-Long!

Futurama is one of those fandoms that I more or less married into. Like 30 Rock, collectible card games, and Rifts, my appreciation of Futurama came with my wedding vows. I can’t remember why I wasn’t open to it before. But when we started dating,…

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Geek-A-Long 2015: Gaius Baltar

Week 37 Gaius Baltar (1)

“It’s all so pointless. We kill them and they kill us, so we kill more of them, so they kill more of us. What’s the point anymore?” –Dr. Gaius Baltar 

We brought up Battlestar Galactica on the 2014 blanket too. If it were completely up to me, BSG would appear on every GAL until the end of time. As of right now, it isn’t on next year’s blanket…

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