Cat Theater 7

It’s hard to believe that we’re already on week 7 of the 2017 Geek-A-Long and that we just mailed out the second box full of goodies and hand-dyed beauties to our GAL Guild members. For the longest time, Megan-Anne and I had been talking about what we’d put in those packages and now they’re arriving at peoples homes as I’m typing this. It’s all very surreal, and now we’re about to open up sign-ups again on February 20th. To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real that you guys are helping us raise more money than ever for Child’s…

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2017 Geek-A-Long: Squirrel Girl

Welcome to the beginning of the fourth annual Geek-A-Long! The past three years were amazing. We knitted and crocheted our way through our favorite fandoms, scientists, and video games. We’ve developed a community of like-minded crafting nerds in the GAL Ravelry group and we’ve raised $6,642 for Child’s Play Charity! This year, Megan-Anne (DrLlama) and I are ready to take this party to a whole new level.

Before I get into the first afghan square for 2017, let’s do a quick recap for those of you who have been…

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Game Over Geek-A-Long 2016

week 48 Game Over (1)

As we speak, Lattes & Llamas’ 2016 Geek-A-Long blanket knit with Louet Gems yarn is on its way to Child’s Play Charity to be auctioned off at their annual dinner gala later this week. Every time I roll into FedEx with the blanket (this being the third time) I have a small melt down. What if it gets lost in the mail? What if it gets ruined somehow?

What if everyone hates it and no one bids on it?!

I know that…

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Giving Tuesday

Some of you might notice that we didn’t run any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales this year. Despite what a strangely angry email accused us of last night, we weren’t making a statement. We wanted to try out something a little different. Today, we’re embracing the Giving Tuesday movement. We’re donating $1 to Child’s Play Charity for each skein of Lattes & Llamas Yarn you welcome into your stash now through next Tuesday.

Just in case you’re new to our corner of the internet, Child’s Play Charity…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Yoshi’s Wooly World


I know you didn’t think there was a possibility we were going to let the Geek-A-Long video game blanket end without Yoshi’s Wooly World! A few weeks ago I told you about Little Big Planet and all the tributes you can find to it on Ravelry. Those are NOTHING compared to all the Yoshi projects you can get your hands on! This is the point where I usually talk about the game, but the name pretty much sums it up. It’s Yoshi, and yarn, and it’s available where ever…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Little Big Planet


Nuttyknitter nominated Little Big Planet to the blanket, and I would have if she hadn’t.

One of my favorites is Little Big Planet, just because like the characters are KNITTED! I even knitted a Sack-boy for DNS.

When it was first being advertised in 2008ish my video game budget was SUPER tight. Well, my everything budget was tight, but to get a new game was a major splurge. I was so hyped for this game. Maybe over hyped, but I got really fixated on the game before it…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: GoldenEye 007

08 GoldenEye 2

GoldenEye 007 is best known for changing the face of first person shooters. For me, it’s the game that taught me to never trust anyone ever again. Before high school, most of the people I hung out with were the children of my parent’s friends. Fall of ’97 I wound up at Alex’s house nearly every week when our dads would hang out. We were never close. He was younger than me, a boy (I wasn’t over my fear of cooties then), and there weren’t…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Katamari Damacy

06 Katamari Damacy Prince 2

Katamari Damacy came out in what I would consider my personal golden age of gaming. 2004-2008 were my Purdue University years, and I’ve never gamed like I did then. Socially, it was not a great time for me and video games were the perfect escapism. I had heard about Katamari Damacy on Penny Arcade and splurged on the game.

Do you remember being a kid and rolling a snowball down…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Kirby

03 Kirby 2

Who would win in a hotdog eating contest, Yoshi or Pac-Man? Tick question. Neither. Kirby would inhale all of the hotdogs, the plates and table, Yoshi, Pac-Man, and the chairs they sat on all in one breath. Then, his health would replenish and he’d be like, “Gosh and gee willikers, that was a nice snack! I’ll have ten more of that please.” Because Kirby is cute and innocent and cheerful with a voracious appetite. Basically, he’s an animated version of me when I ran into the Girl Scouts at…

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Tetris

02 Tetris 3

Basically, it’s like if organizing were an Olympic game. 

I figured there was no way Tetris wouldn’t make The Leaderboards. Props to bourbongirl, who nominated it:

I know, it’s old, but it made my high school and Navy years so much better, and I still love it.

I love it too. Frankly, I probably love it too much. I think most people in the nerd-o-sphere have experienced that one game you just can’t stop playing. Like, you know you really ought to be doing…

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