Dragonologist Shawl

I don’t know if you know this about us here at Lattes & Llamas, but we’re giant nerds. Complete shocker, right? When Megan-Anne set out to make a limited edition colorway for spring, she wanted it to have greens and blues and yellows. There are even hints of pink and red. Now, normal people would look at this color and call it something like “Spring Meadow”, but not us. We’re cooking up a special event for this October, so we have Dungeons & Dragons on the brain right now. Hence…

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Versicolored Cowl

It’s no secret that I used to have an aversion to cotton yarn, which you can read all about here. Basically, I was like one of those people that refuse to touch acrylic yarn and claim all of it is scratchy, because their only interaction with it was Red Heart Super Saver. For years, people would claim that I just didn’t know good cotton, and they were right. It turns out that pima cotton is where its at!

What’s the difference between pima and that other stuff? Ever go…

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It’s dangerous to go alone

Our love of all things Zelda is probably not news to anyone. It featured on both the 2014 and 2016 blankets. If you click the 2014 link, you can read about my introduction to the franchise and check out one of my earliest Zelda inspired knits. So it wasn’t really a stretch when we chose the Zelda franchise as our inspiration for the limited edition March colorway, Hyrule. The hand dyed silver and green yarn is available on our Geek-A-Long sport weight Merino blend.

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December MKAL: Rose Quartz

I’m completely obsessed with Steven Universe right now. That’s partially due to Mabel the Merciless being endlessly entertained by the theme song, but mostly because it’s an absolutely amazing show. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and especially over the last year it’s had a lot to say that I needed to hear.

In addition to giving me all of the feels, every time I watch an episode I think of another design I want to do. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to put out more of my designs. I have…

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Gilmore Cast On Party

All right ladies, gentlemen, and fellow java junkies, this is what we’ve trained for. We’re all recovering from our turkey fueled coma’s and possibly have bags under our eyes from Black Friday shopping even though we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t feed the corporate beast encroaching on Thanksgiving, but then Aunt Jan passed that flyer our way and we were like, “Dear god, yes. I do need to drop everything and go stand in line to snag this super sweet deal.” But we can get through this. Together.

The time is now 3:01 AM EST. The Gilmore Girls revival is officially…

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Socktober MKAL Part 4: The Sockening.

Or maybe 2sock, 2furious? Knit socks with a vengeance? No matter what name you give it, it’s time for our last clue in the socktober MKAL!

There have been some amazing projects popping up on Ravelry. I’m going to wait until next week to show off my pair on the social medias, to make sure if there are spoilers they aren’t coming from me. But I wanna give some shutouts to a few of the awesome projects hitting instagram this week. @lisaperino is making hers out of Interlude yarn in Hep Alien, which is one of my absolute favorite…

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Socktober MKAL Part 2: Living on the Fibery Edge (and a Giveaway!)

Our Socktober MKAL is up and moving, and I’m loving seeing pics of peoples work on Instagram and the Ravelry forums. If you missed the excitement, you can get all caught up with the first clue. Now that it’s time for the second clue, I realized that there is a really fun side effect of running an MKAL:

I can filibuster and people will put up with it, because they need the next clue!

I’ve gone made with power. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA.