Coffee Bean Socks

First we drink the coffee. Then, we knit the socks.

Last week, Jac told you about our newest yarn obsession: The Society Of Caffeinated Knitters. I’ve wanted to do a sock club for ages, and it’s come together in the best possible way. Seriously, I amĀ dying to tell you about some of the surprises we’ve lined up for the first few boxes. Listen, I swore to Jac I wouldn’t spoil it, but I feel like Oprah when…

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Homespun Yarn Party 2017

No joke, the Homespun Yarn Party is our favorite show of the year. Some people live for Rhinebeck, Vogue Knitting Live, or Maryland Sheep and Wool, which are all great events, but for us it’s the HYP. Held at the Historic Savage Mill in Maryland, which is great place to peruse even when it isn’t teeming with knitters and yarn, the HYP has an electric energy. Everyone is so excited to share their love of knitting, crochet, and spinning. Plus, the entry fee is free and so are the classes!

This year there was a line to get…

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Yarn Content Aversions

Everyone has their weird ticks. My mother can’t stand the sound of a spoon hitting the side of a bowl. Megan-Anne becomes irrationally angry at people who slurp their food and my husband can’t wear anything other than pajama pants in the house. Like, when he gets home from work, you can’t even say hi to him until he has on his stretchy pants. Me, I hate the feel of cotton yarn and velvet. I don’t know why, but those textures make my skin crawl. My niece, Mabel the Merciless, has this velvet dress some evil person…

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Knitshame On Me

So, earlier in the week Jac told you about our trip to Pittsburgh, where we hung out at Indie Knit and Spin. I give her a lot of crap, but she’s a good sister. She told you about some of the new hand-dyed yarns we’re rolling out this year, but left out my deep and abiding shame. I was raised Catholic, so I know a lot about shame, and I’d put this one on par with unclean thoughts during Ash Wednesday Mass. It’s not going to make the Saints cry, but it’s not something I want to…

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December MKAL: Rose Quartz Part 2

I know that most of us, myself included are scrambling to finish up Holiday presents. Sure, it’s 11 days til Christmas and I’ve only finished one of my cousin’s gloves. That’s plenty of time, right?


Time for fingers :D #knitting #knitstagram #knitlife #sockyarn #lattesandllamas #yarnporn #cashmere #interludeyarn

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Yep. Plenty. Of. Time.

If the impending doom of holiday knit deadlines has you down, the best medicine is taking a little time to work on something for you. I’m taking a break with more of my Steven Universe Shawl designs. Just thinking about them makes me happy. And I’m beyond excited to be sharing the first design with you in a special treat-yourself-MKAL.

If you missed…

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Giving Tuesday

Some of you might notice that we didn’t run any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales this year. Despite what a strangely angry email accused us of last night, we weren’t making a statement. We wanted to try out something a little different. Today, we’re embracing the Giving Tuesday movement. We’re donating $1 to Child’s Play Charity for each skein of Lattes & Llamas Yarn you welcome into your stash now through next Tuesday.

Just in case you’re new to our corner of the internet, Child’s Play Charity…

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The best of 2016 Holiday Round Up: A Needle Buyer’s Guide

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m not even going to torture you with a “knitting-days-til-Christmas-countdown”.* This time of year I tend to look at my great big pile of gift UFOs, and think,

Nope. Probably better just sit on the couch, eat Nutella, and get overly serious about curating my Amazon wishlist.

So I tend to spend the week carefully planning my weekend shopping to get something special for me. ;) I won’t apologize, I look forward to Black Friday/Cyber Monday all year.

Every year we put together a list of our favorite items from throughout the year that we think make great…

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Gilmore Girls KAL


At 3:01 (EST) in the morning on November 25th, the Gilmore Girls revival will debut on Netflix with four shiny new 90 minute episodes. That means we all get to enjoy six hours of fast-talking, caffeinated joy next Friday.

Megan-Anne and I are a part of Black Friday problem. (We can’t help it. Our mother raised us to be bloodthirsty for good deals.) So, our marathon won’t start at 3:01AM. Instead, we’re planning to kick it off at 3:01PM. That’s noon for those…

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AKA Gilmore Girls Awareness Month

It’s no secret that I love coffee.


And also Llamas.


What you may not realize, is that as good as a llama drinking coffee is, he’d be even better in a hat.


And, obviously, if I have a hat-wearing-coffee-drinking llama I will watch Gilmore Girls with him.


There are 41 knitting days left until Christmas and it’s time to get real about quick…

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Socktober MKAL Part 4: The Sockening.

Or maybe 2sock, 2furious? Knit socks with a vengeance? No matter what name you give it, it’s time for our last clue in the socktober MKAL!

There have been some amazing projects popping up on Ravelry. I’m going to wait until next week to show off my pair on the social medias, to make sure if there are spoilers they aren’t coming from me. But I wanna give some shutouts to a few of the awesome projects hitting instagram this week. @lisaperino is making hers out of Interlude yarn in Hep Alien, which is one of my absolute favorite…

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