L&L Book Club: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Week two of the L&L Book Club is underway and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how many knitters have joined us for our Shining Sequence Mittens MKAL. (You can catch week 1 here if you missed it.) I’ll talk more about the KAL’s progress in the project portion of this post, but I just want to say I’m really excited to find that so many other knitters love to make Christmas a year round event!

The Book

This week I technically read two stories, but one is really just a slightly overgrown poem….

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L&L Book Club: Merry Christmas Alex Cross

Welcome to Christmas in July!

Our MKAL is underway and on the Ravelry Hot List as I type this! It’s always a big honor to make the top five, it’s like the perfect validation of my chosen profession.

Sometimes, I think I love Christmas in July just as much as regular Christmas, because celebrating it now feels like I’m getting away with something. I don’t know who the “man” is in this case, but I’m sticking it to him with my unrelenting cheer. That’ll teach him. I’m seriously…

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L&L Book Club: Matched

I know it’s only Wednesday, but man does it feel like this week has disappeared on me. Yesterday morning I was thinking about a project that I need to do before a baby shower on July 9th. And I thought, meh, I have tons of time. It’ll be quick, I have all of this and next week. Tonight, I’m all:

Holy cast on, Batman! I need this next weekend to knit, and I haven’t even wound the yarn yet!

It’s that big pile of turquoise on the right. Sure, Megan-Anne, you’ve got pleeeeeeeenty of time. ;)

So it’s good that I went…

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Book Club: The Handmaid’s Tale Pt. 2

I had mentioned last week that I’d do Matched for this week’s book club. But now that I’ve finished The Handmaid’s Tale (both book and show), it turns out there is just a lot more to discuss. So I’ll do Matched next week. I’ve started it and the jury is still out on it, but it’s got potential. So more on that next week.

The Book

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Book Club: The Handmaid’s Tale

Welcome to the second installment of Book Club! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out the introduction post here.

The Book

This week I failed the city and didn’t finish my book club book. I’ll finish it before I start next week’s book, but this is not an easy listen. I got obsessed with watching the Hulu series of The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s amazing. Obviously this review is based on not yet finishing either one, but I think the show handles material from…

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Della Q


I’ve lusted after Della Q’s bags for over two years now. For at least two Christmases, birthdays, and anniversaries, I dropped not so subtle…

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Bad at me-time, great at guilt.

A typical day for me runs from about 6AM til Midnight. And that’s without school this year. Last year, when I was in school, I was lucky to see 4 hours of sleep daily. In a few short months I’ll be adding a baby to my day so I guess it’s a really good thing that Wawa has a rewards program now ’cause I expect I’ll be drinking their coffee* by the gallon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. In a typical day I teach, go down the checklist of freelance jobs that I’m involved with, design,…

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2015 Geek-A-Long: Professor Frink

week 42 Prof. Frink (2)

“Well, it should be clear to even the most dimwitted individual – who holds and advanced degree in hypothetical topology – that Homer Simpson has stumbled into… … the Third Dimension!” – Professor Frink

We can’t have a Geek-A-Long blanket called Mad Scientists without Professor Frink. The Simpsons have been around FOREVER, and Frink has roughly 24 years of anecdotal proof that he belongs here. But that…

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How to Deal with Disappointment

When faced with a disappointing experience, like the time Jac and I went to New York for her birthday and were let down by the ghost town that was Lily Dale, we’re not afraid to cut our loses. Just like we did then, we find the nearest place to get a half decent cup of coffee and search out a good yarn store. Then we rub those sweet sweet fibers on our cheeks until we feel better and purchase way too much yarn. But what do you do when the thing that brought you disappointment was yarn?

Over this…

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Yarnings 1

After we said good-bye to Rosie’s Yarn Cellar, Jac and I vowed to make October the month of the local yarn store. Now we’re making good on that promise. Last week we visited Hidden River Yarns in Manayunk and this week I want to tell you about Yarnings in the heart of Skippack Village.

It’s funny, of all the yarn shops we’ve profiled here on Lattes & Llamas in the name of helping our fellow knitters and crocheters discover somewhere new and exciting, we’ve…

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