2017 Geek-A-Long: Dr. Strange

My gut instinct says to fill this post with gifs of Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange with the Cloak of Levitation, because let’s all be honest here, his red cloak was the real MVP of that movie. I mean, it was basically the cooler older brother to Carpet from Disney’s Aladdin.

In all seriousness though, normally I like to get super nerdy and lay down some comic book history, but I know zero things about Doctor Strange. Okay, maybe not ZERO thing, but it’s a…

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Cat Theater 7

It’s hard to believe that we’re already on week 7 of the 2017 Geek-A-Long and that we just mailed out the second box full of goodies and hand-dyed beauties to our GAL Guild members. For the longest time, Megan-Anne and I had been talking about what we’d put in those packages and now they’re arriving at peoples homes as I’m typing this. It’s all very surreal, and now we’re about to open up sign-ups again on February 20th. To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real that you guys are helping us raise more money than ever for Child’s…

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2017 Geek-A-Long: Shazam

Put on your unicorn slippers and snuggle up in your favorite cardigan, welcome to week six of the 2017 Geek-A-Long! If you’re a long time reader, no-time knitter or if you just stumbled upon the GAL, it’s okay. You can start any time. Even if you’re from the future times and it’s 2020, you can still knit/crochet this blanket. We’re not going to take away the patterns or start charging for them. Promise. This has been your Lattes & Llamas public announcement.

Alright, let’s talk superheroes. Specifically, the Captain Marvel conundrum.


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Cat Theater 6

Almost everyone in my family is sick right now. We’re spread out across the US, but somehow we all have managed to get the same nasty cold. And it’s not even the fun kind of sick where you get to hole up in your room with your knitting, some tea, and work through your Netflix queue. No, it’s the sort of cold where you take a nap at one in the afternoon and wake up the next day with an insatiable hunger for homemade chicken pot pie. But just the innards of the pot pie though. No, flaky crust….

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Cat Theater 5

Before I launch into our weekly spoiler and flash sale, I wanted to let you know that we added a new event to our show schedule this year! Lattes & Llamas will be in Pittsburgh on Saturday, February 25th for Indie Knit and Spin. The one day event does not charge an entry fee and has a super sweet raffle of cool things from vendors like us. Megan-Anne and I will share more information about the event later and we’ll give you a sneak peek at the new items we’re bringing, including a couple of exclusive Geek-A-Long…

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Cat Theater 4

Remember last Monday when I was super excited about the ending of Sherlock: The Lying Detective? Well, my husband and I were hanging pictures last night — We moved a couple of months ago and we’re just now getting around to it. — And then, an alarm on his phone goes off warning us that Sherlock is about to start. We drop everything that we’re doing, make popcorn, and cozy in under the poorly made blanket I crocheted 20 years ago. He turns on the television, PBS is airing that Viking Cruise commercial that always makes me go on…

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Cat Theater 3

This is completely not relevant to the webcomic or our weekly Monday flash sale, but OMG DID YOU WATCH SHERLOCK LAST NIGHT? Can we please talk about the ending?

I mean, I won’t. It would spoil it for those of you that didn’t know the show came back on or have it waiting on their DVR.

BUT DANG, PEOPLE! I was yelling and screaming and smacking my husbands arm. And I want to tell you about how I was onto to it and they threw me off the scent, but that might alter your viewing experience… So, this is me sitting…

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Cat Theater 2

Welcome to Cat Theater! Drawn by our little sister and Lattes & Llamas’s lab assistant Alena, this cheeky webcomic is your first clue to guess which superhero will be featured on this coming Sunday’s Geek-A-Long square. The second clue is down at the bottom in the form of our Monday Flash Sale, where you can get our hand-dyed beauties at half the retail price. Alright, let’s see what our resident theatrical kittens, Gambit and Wesley, are performing this week!

Take your guesses over to the Geek-A-Long Ravelry group and…

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2017 Geek-A-Long: Squirrel Girl

Welcome to the beginning of the fourth annual Geek-A-Long! The past three years were amazing. We knitted and crocheted our way through our favorite fandoms, scientists, and video games. We’ve developed a community of like-minded crafting nerds in the GAL Ravelry group and we’ve raised $6,642 for Child’s Play Charity! This year, Megan-Anne (DrLlama) and I are ready to take this party to a whole new level.

Before I get into the first afghan square for 2017, let’s do a quick recap for those of you who have been…

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Cat Theater 1

Before we get down to business with the first Geek-A-Long spoiler for the 2017 blanket and our Monday flash sale, we have a matter of business to settle. THE LEADERBOARDS! Leading up to the holiday weekend, we opened up the battlefield for you to fight for your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes. The Lattes & Llamas crew already chose 40 of the GAL squares, which left eight for you guys to fill.

Many superheroes were nominated, but few will be memorialized in yarn. She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) had made it onto the preliminary Leaderboard last Wednesday, but…

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