The New Office

Lattes and Llamas is still in its fledgling stage. And by “fledgling stage” I mean, run out of our living room. One day we’ll have that cute office between a coffee shop and a yarn store in some adorable suburb of Philadelphia, but that time is — or, at least feels — far off. The problem is, we’ve outgrown the couch.

(I would share a picture of our computers, yarn, and works-in-progress taking over both the love seat and the couch, but even I draw a line in the amount of knitshame I’ll share with you.)

In a house that is…

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Free Stuff: Kelly Connor Designs

knitting bag and stitch markers

Last month, we announced a raffle for the members of our Geek-A-Long Ravlery group, in which we’ll give away four super sweet prize baskets to a lucky few at the end of the year. For those of you who missed the announcement, you can read more about it here, but here are the basics:

When you post a picture of your finished Geek-A-Long blanket to the group in any of the three sizes (baby blanket, afghan, or full sized), you will be entered…

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A Serious Case of the Starts

African Flower 1

African Flower 2

Hi, my name is Jacquline and I have Start-itis.

I am powerless over yarn and the allure of new projects. I should finish doing the size adjustments for my Wonder Tunic, so I can finally release the pattern. Instead, I started designing a fancy slip cover for an old king-sized pillow, which will look like Magic Carpet from Disney’s Aladdin… It’s going to be a bed for…

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Space Princesses and Dragons

Space Princess 2

Publishing patterns is scary. Some people might find writing up an ear warmer pattern less frightening than planning a year long KAL, but not me. I’m weird. Apparently, the more elaborate and extensive organization required, the more comfortable I am.

Earlier this week when I added two new patterns to the Lattes and Llamas Ravelry store, I must have stared at that publish button for a solid fifteen minutes before clicking it. My palms were sweaty. I had developed a slight tremor, which I told myself was obviously just…

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Blanket of Shame

knitshame blanket

I finished crocheting this blanket over 3 years ago. It was one of my first adventures into designing and was intended for my youngest sister. I had completed it on time for her birthday, but for some reason, the idea of weaving in all the ends seemed impossible. So, I bought her something instead and decided I would give it to her for Christmas. And I never did. Rinse and repeat for three years and her we are again, her birthday has passed and so has Christmas. Maybe 2014 is the year?


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Knitshame: Lady Bizz Edition

The coolest thing happened last week. Yarn and Despair sent me an email of her UFO (unfinished object) or as she called it, her UFU (unfinished uterus). She started this project for a reproductive rights campaign in 2012 using 100% Alpaca.

ovary knitshame

This pun is courtesy of Megan-Anne this week. Everything I thought of was too off color or lame. But not as lame as this gem, “Reproductive Rights are no joke. Period.” She then accompanied it with eyebrow wiggling and, “Get it? Get it?”

Classic Megan-Anne.

If you’re unfamiliar with The…

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The January Round-Up

It’s been a crazy month for us here at Lattes & Llamas. When we released the first pattern for the Geek-A-Long (GAL), we never imagined that in one short month we would have other bloggers talking about it and over 160 members in the Ravelry GAL group. We just wanted to have fun, stashbust some Cascade Yarn, and raise awareness for Child’s Play along the way. It turns out that a lot of other people were into our goals as well!

KatieB on RebelKnitting

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Free Stuff!

caffeine molecule stitch markers 2

Got your attention, didn’t I?

::eyebrow wiggle::

If you’re a member of our Geek-A-Long Ravelry group, you probably already know about the raffle. For those of you who are only blog followers, however, let me fill you in on the fun.  We are going to raffle off four super sweet prize baskets at the end of the year. When you post a picture of your finished blanket to the Geek-A-Long Ravelry group in any of the three sizes (full sized, afghan, or baby blanket), you will be entered into…

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How to Knit for Beginners

This is the last installment of Dr. Llama’s “How to Knit for Beginners” seriesIf you followed her through Parts One, Two, and Three, you learned how cast on, knit, and purl. You should now be ready to finish off your coaster. Watch the video to learn how to cast off you knitting and weave in those ends.

If you’d like to see the coaster pattern featured in the video and a brief introduction to reading patterns, you can find both of…

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Bin of Knitshame

Bin full of knitshame

What is it about us crocheters and knitters that compels us to hold onto projects we have no intention of completing? I’m always convinced that maybe one day I won’t hate that sweater anymore. Or maybe that blanket I started four years ago as a house warming gift for a friend, who has since moved again, should be finished even though it probably won’t match her decor anymore. C’est la vie!

I feel as if we need to declare a national “Finish and Toss” week. We’ll all band together,…

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