Open Test: The Jackalope Jane Cowl

For a while, Vampires were really cool. Then it was Zombies. I think the undead’s 15 minutes of fame is just about up, and that leaves a real void in the supernatural social hierarchy. Nature abhors a vacuum, so I’d like to preemptively nominate the next big thing: Cryptids!

It started with our Hunting Sasquatch socks.

Scientists might discount the existence of ‘Squatch, but we know he deserves a place in sock knitting fame. By the heel of the second sock, I was hooked on Cryptids. So I’m super excited to give you a first peek at our second installment in the Lattes & Llamas Cryptid Knit series, the Jackalope Jane Cowl!

This thick, squishy, and super fun cowl is knit in a combination of brioche and double knitting. For those of you Geek-A-Longing and looking for a fun way to use your double knitting skills, this one is for you. Regal Jackalopes stand at attention, surrounded by rich Nordic designs. Generous bands of two color brioche adorn the top and bottom, making the cowl fully reversible, and extra fun to knit.

I’m going to begin the test on the pattern this week, and you can be a part of the fun! Lattes & Llamas testers get a big fat coupon to buy the yarn to knit their test, receive the pattern for free, and after they complete the test get to choose an additional free pattern from our Ravelry store. You can sign up in the Lattes & Llamas Ravelry Group to join the test!

This is my model pose. Clearly, I missed my calling as a professional neck-wear model.


I think I’ll do mermaids next.