National Coffee Day Giveaway

Rejoice, fellow caffeine enthusiasts! Today is National Coffee Day — or, as I like to call it, FREE COFFEE DAY. My husband manages this mythical place on the East Coast of the USA called Wawa. They’re more than just a convenience store/fuel station, they’re the place where the good affordable coffee lives. And I can order from the deli and get my sandwich without every having to converse with a single person due to the touch screens, which is a huge selling point when Megan-Anne and I have to hit the road super early to head to a Yarn Show. I am NOT a morning person.


Now that you know what Wawa is, I should tell you that my husband despises National Coffee Day since they get overwhelmed with people wanting their free coffee. When I dropped him off at work this morning, it was as if I was sending him off to war. I kissed and told him I’d make his favorite for dinner tonight. He nodded solemnly and left to deal with the already long lines of people. Then, being the good wife that I am, I waited until he was inside the building to start cackling to myself about free coffee. You know I stopped at a different Wawa on my way to the dye studio this morning to get some for myself. I’m not even ashamed. I’ll probably stop there on my way home this afternoon too and throw away the evidence before I pick up my husband, because I am a loving, supportive wife.

While I can’t give you free coffee today to celebrate everyone’s favorite caffeinated dirty bean water, I do have the power to giveaway free yarn! One lucky winner will win a Coffee Cake while the rest of you will have to settle for downloading the Coffee Bean Sock pattern for FREE now through Sunday. Just click the buy now button below. The discount will apply automatically at checkout.

The colorway Megan-Anne used to knit the sample was ‘Coffee or Death’ in Adventure, which feels crazy appropriate today.

Alright, so you’ve downloaded your free sock pattern and started checking out which colorway of Adventure you want to use to knit it. Now, I’m guessing you’d like to know how you can enter to win one of our Coffee Cakes, right? You have two ways to enter.

Leave a comment below, naming your favorite Coffee Cake colorway and what you’d like to knit with it.

Login to Instagram, follow Lattes & Llamas Yarn, like this photo, and repost it with the hashtag #lattesandllamas.

And of course, you can do both options to double your odds. We’ll do our best to send the winner their favorite colorway, but no promises.

We can't give you free coffee to celebrate #nationalcoffeeday but we can give you free yarn! We will ship worldwide to one lucky person chosen at random on Saturday, September 30th at noon EST. The yarn up for grabs is one of our Coffee Cakes made with #coffeebreakyarn. To enter: (1) like this photo; (2) repost with the hashtag #lattesandllamas and let us know which is your favorite colorway and; (3) follow @lattesandllamasyarn. If you have a private account, please comment below to let us know you reposted. Get one extra entry per skein of yarn purchased during the giveaway when you use the discount code GIVEAWAYENTRY for 5% off your order and an automatic entry into the giveaway. Good luck! ☕☕☕ #yarngiveaway #knitting #handdyedyarn #yarnporn #yarn #knittersofinstagram #shawlknittersofinstagram #ravelry #crochet

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The contest closes Saturday, September 30th at noon EST. At which point in time, Megan-Anne and I will let Mabel chose the lucky winner. Good luck, caffeinistas, and a Merry Coffee Day to you all!

Yes, we do let an 18-month make all of our hard choices. Thanks for asking.