The Summer of Crochet: Sharkington Junior

Shark Week might’ve come and went, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live every week like it’s Shark Week. Whether that means you treat life like an adventure and take advantage of every opportunity, live as if you’re about to be eaten, or rewatch 30 Rock again, we can all agree that we miss our weekly dose of Liz Lemon and we should embrace our healthy fears. Take risks and strive to live closer to the edge.

I’ve found that many crafters, whether they be knitters, crocheters, or subversive cross stitchers, tend to struggle with anxiety, depression, or both. I know I do. So, the idea of living every week like it’s Shark Week can seem laughable or impossible. But, the easiest way to feel stronger in every day life, whether it’s finding the courage to speak up for ourselves or simply continuing to put one foot in front of the other, is to learn something new, and get a rush of confidence that comes with it and finishing a project. Even just getting lost in a pattern, can let your mind rest and give you the opportunity to take a break from your problems.

So, whether your teenager left for college and you’re starting to suspect you have empty nest syndrome or you’re worried about getting that promotion at work or life in general has gotten you down, join me for a deep breath and a momentary foray into living like it’s Shark Week.

Sharkington Junior, the fourth amigurumi to join the Oceanelot Friends and Fenemies, requires two new techniques: crocheting a gusset and changing colors. If these aren’t new to you, high five! I hope this pattern will be meditative for you. If one or both are new to you, don’t panic. You can do this! After you download the pattern, you’ll find tutorials for both of them at the end of this post.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to add Octi the Fancy, Lady Shelly Yertle, and King Astro Star to your collection.

Sharkingington Junior is nothing like his notorious father, General Mordred Sharkington, who betrayed King Astro Star at the battle of Ocreanelot. Junior enjoys long swims along the beach, writing poetry about sea anemones, and longs to be invited to one of Lady Shelly’s tea parties. Will he prove to polite oceanic society that he isn’t like other sharks? Stay tuned!

You can download this amigurumi shark pattern by clicking the buy now button below. This pattern is FREE during our Summer of Crochet event. No coupon code required! The $6 discount will apply automatically at check out. After September 4th, this pattern will become paid.

Before I get into the tutorial portion of this post, I wanted to publicly answer a few questions I keep getting asked:

Are there plans to release the Oceanelot Friends and Fenemies as an ebook?
Yes, and it will include a few fun extras such as General Mordred Sharkington.

Will Mr. Knittley and Lady Shelly Yertle ever get together?
Obviously! And yes, I will be releasing a pattern for Mr. Knittley before the Summer of Crochet event ends.

What about Queen Gwen and Merlin the Marlin mentioned in King Astro Star’s blurb?
If all goes as planned, they’ll debut at the beginning of next week!

There has to be a Lancelot too, right? I mean, King Astro is basically King Arthur and you have plans for “Gwen,” sooo…
Like General Mordred, he will be available in the upcoming Oceanelot ebook.

Are you actually going to write a short story interweaving all the characters?
Look, Megan-Anne. You don’t know me or my life. If I want to include a silly short story in the ebook, then that’s my prerogative.

No, I mean… Are you actually going to include it or are you going to do that thing where you get super moody about your writing and never show anyone but me and Alena?

Does that mean you’ll actually follow through with your Halloween event idea?
We’ll find out on October 3rd, won’t we. ::storms away::

If you’re new to crochet or maybe just a little rusty, you’re going to require a few skills to make the misunderstood shark of Oceanalot. Click on the links below to learn.

  1. How to make a slip knot
  2. How to crochet a chain (ch)
  3. How to Single Crochet (sc)
  4. How to Single Crochet two together (sc2tog)

Check out the infographic below to learn how to crochet a gusset and/or change colors by clicking the image for a larger view.

While you don’t need to know how to Double Crochet (dc) for this project, if you’re looking for more tutorials, we covered that earlier this summer. Now, go forth my sharks and live!

~ Jac
BTW, you’ll need a skein of Tesseract, Invisible Jet, and Daily Planet to crochet Junior. And I heard a rumor that two out of those three colors will be on sale Sunday afternoon! ;)