Serendipity Fibers

Last week, Jac and I took our show on the road. We checked out the Johnny Appleseed Festival in our home town and Mabel the Merciless met Abraham Lincoln. She’s all about dead presidents.

Mabel and Lincoln

The real highlight of the trip, however, was getting to spend an evening at Serendipity Fibers! We brought the yarn and they brought the cupcakes. It was a match made in heaven. :D We debuted our newest yarn, Masquerade, for their October KAL and the stars aligned perfectly, putting us there on Wine and Stitch night.

Not only did I get to embarrass myself by eating like 10 of those cupcakes, we were there when the shop owner, Melissa, announced that she is expecting her first child!


Congratulations Melissa! We can’t wait to see all the baby projects!

We had a blast there and can’t wait to get back again. They talked about having a knit-a-thon and all watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix the day after Thanksgiving. I would SO go to that. But I will be in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll have to talk to an LYS out here about arranging the same thing? Anyhow, it was an amazing shop, with a wonderful community, and if you are anywhere near them I would consider it a must-see.

It’s always exciting to debut new yarns, and this one is extra special for me. Masquerade is really a love child of mine. We do mostly sock yarn, and that means that generally we are dealing in superwash with some nylon content. I love those blends, especially since I’m mega hard on socks, but every now and then I get this incredible itch to make really sumptuous, luxury socks. You know, the kind that are hand wash only, but you don’t even care because you put them on and all of a sudden your feet are basically royalty. Or Kardashians maybe? I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet that they wear really nice socks. That’s off topic though. The point is, sometimes you need something really special for those toes. My go-to has been Interlude, which is a soft, dreamy, cashmere blend. It’s delightful. But what I really love more than anything else is silk. Like, a lot of silk. Piles of it. It’s actually not practical to make a sock out of pure silk, it would have no stitch memory. But I live on the wild side, and I thought to myself:

Self, the standard sock yarn is 80% wool and 20% nylon. Let’s go CRAZY. Let’s make it 20% silk instead!

And then when Jac wasn’t looking, I called up the mill and ordered yarn made of 20% silk and 80% of the softest Blueface Leicester they could find. The result is Masquerade and I couldn’t be happier with it.

At this point you’re probably asking, “Hey girl, where’s my link? How can I get my hands on your Bourgeoisie sock yarn?” Until October, it’s available exclusively at Serendipity Fibers. They are going to be knitting up a 3 Color Cashmere Shawl for their October KAL using specially designed colorways of Masquerade.

It’ll be available in our shop next week (along with a super special announcement that I’ve been DYING to tell you about), but you can get it today by heading down to Serendipity. I’m knitting the 3 Color Cashmere Shawl too, in Dorn, Sexy Elf, and Hand Turkey. I love the way it’s turning out. I decided to make mine a little shorter than the pattern calls for, I don’t like to wear super big shawls, so I’m doing 10 stripes instead of 20 on the striped section. I also frogged my first one to change the color order and put Hand Turkey in the stripes instead of Sexy Elf.

It was @doctor_llama with the frogged WIP in the dining room. #drunkenboardgames #yarn #knitting #masqueradeyarn #clue @alena_zent

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You can get in on the KAL from anywhere by grabbing the yarn and pattern and posting pics on Instagram. Make sure and tag me and Serendipity! (@doctor_llama and @serendipityfibers).

If that’s not enough sweet KAL action for you, we’re going to be having some extra special events between now and the new year. Tune back in next week to hear about Socktober. It’ll be Socktastic!


Scary fact: there are 85 knitting days until Christmas.