2016 Prize Baskets: Bijou Basin Ranch

Allure Woodland Mist

I’m super weird. I know you’re all shocked by this, but it’s true. One of the things that makes me strange is my love of hand washing my socks. Not my every day socks though, I’m not some kind of freak. Anyway, one of my secret Sunday morning pleasures is to set my hand knit socks to soak in big bowl of soapy water while my French Press brews. No matter how rough my week was, it always makes me feel like I have my shit together and that next week might not be so bad.

Side Note: Yes, my French Press likes to wear a cardigan. He’s a dapper gentleman filled with dirty bean water. Want to make one for yours? Grab the free pattern here.

I used to be a huge fan of Eucalan‘s lavender scented no rinse wash. It’s still a good product, but when it comes down to it, Allure Fiber Wash is what we use in our dye studio. We pre-wash our yarn with the scent free version, and I’m a big fan of using Woodland Mist on my personal hand knits. It reminds me of the summers Megan-Anne and I used to spend up at our grandmother’s lake house in the summers. So, when Bijou Basin Ranch sent samples of their Allure Wash with the already delectable Xanadu Yarn prize donation, I was super stoked.

Or you could say, super soaked. Heh heh, puns.

2016 GAL Prize Bijou Basin Ranch (3)

But before I tell you about what BBR donated to the 2016 Geek-A-Long raffle, let me drop a quick reminder:

SURPRISE! That video game themed blanket you’re knitting or crocheting makes you eligible to win a boat load of swag. All you have to do in order to qualify is finish your blanket by Janurary 31st, 2017 and share a picture of the finished product with our Ravelry group. That’s it! You’ll have four opportunities to win and you can view the complete giveaway rules here. Fun, right?

Bijou Basin Ranch is returning as a Geek-A-Long benefactor for the third year in a row with some delightful goodies for the prize baskets. Each of our four winners will receive a skein of Xanadu Yarn, the Miya Shawl pattern by Mari Chiba, and a sample pack of Allure Fiber Wash.

2016 GAL Prize Bijou Basin Ranch (1)

From the goat herds of Mongolia to your hands, Xanadu Yarn is made of 100% Mongolian Cashmere. It’s rub-on-your-face goodness is perfect for projects that provide softness and warmth without all the bulkiness. The light fingering weight yarn contains 400 yards, waiting to get turned into a shawl.

2016 GAL Prize Bijou Basin Ranch (2)

About Bijou Basin Ranch

Established in 2005, Bijou Basin Ranch is a small family owned and operated yak ranch situated on the open plains of the Colorado outback. We are located about 65 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado, just outside of the small town of Elbert.

Our primary goal is to produce and sell high-quality fibers and yarns made with premium yak fibers and other luxury fibers. We raise registered, full-blooded Tibetan yaks that have superior glossy coats which are harvested annually. We also supplement the fiber we harvest from our yaks by purchasing quality yak fiber from other yak ranchers across the country and abroad.

Thank you for your generous donation to the Geek-A-Long participants, Bijou Basin Ranch! You can find Bijou Basin Ranch on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and in our previous posts herehere, and here.  If you’d like to view the other Geek-A-Long benefactors and prizes, you can find them here.

~ Jac
Is it wrong that I want to knit a selection of sweaters for my French Press?