Knitshame: Vacation Edition

Ladies, cats with thumbs, and gentlemen, my husband knitshamed me last night. There I was folding laundry and trying to remember where I put our suitcases, when he waltzed into the bedroom and said, “What’s all this?”

To which I replied, “Our laundry.”

“No, I’m talking about the pile of knitting projects laid out on my half of the bed.”

“Oh, that…”

“It’s only five days, Jacquline.” He walked over to my pile of WIPs and poked them. “And when did you start half of these?”

Alright, so maybe I’ve had a case of the starts lately since I’m on a crusade to knit or crochet all of my Christmas/Hanukkah gifts on time this year without freaking out. And maybe I’m in love with my yarn and want to knit lots of socks and breezy summer tops with it, but is that really such a crime?

The answer is no. There’s nothing wrong with liking a little variety. I don’t expect him to play the same video game everyday or eat the same breakfast every morning, so why should I feel bad about being the kind of person who doesn’t want to work on the same WIP everyday or have enough project bags for her projects?

As a matter of fact, I didn’t feel bad. I laughed and told him he knew about my love affair with yarn when he married me: That beautiful single skein of yarn I can’t do anything with, but refuse to let go. Half finished projects I have no intention of returning too that are collecting dust, because I don’t know… I might totally come back to that one day. Maybe tomorrow. You never know.

mislaid project

Then, my dear husband pointed out that he could only find the one piece of luggage, so unless I wanted to stuff the trunk full of project bags, I needed to parse it down a little bit. I probably didn’t need to bring two different socks, my crocheted sock blanket, a fair isles sweater dress, a book cover with a zippered pocket, or that lacey tee I casted on after I managed to give myself shin splints. But I still hemmed and hawed and told him I needed to go switch the laundry.

So maybe both of us were right in different ways. I probably don’t need to bring six projects to the beach, two should be efficient since it is a holiday weekend we’re spending with family. But, there’s also nothing wrong with having a variety of things to work on. In summation, ladies, cats with thumbs, and gentlemen, let your knishameful flag fly! Just remember to leave room for toiletries and clean undies in your overnight bag.

~ Jac
“I feel like we’ve had this conversation before.” “That’s because we have. And we will again.”

* * * * *
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