Fun and Fantastical Slippers to Knit

For longer than I’d like to admit, I’ve promised my husband that my next project will be a pair of slippers or socks for him. And then I immediately break that promise. It had gotten to the point where every time I’d set up the swift to cake some yarn, he’d saunter over with this mischievous grin and say, “Oh, you’re finally making my socks,” knowing full well that the yarn was intended for Geek-A-Long squares or something. So when Lattes & Llamas received a copy of Mary Scott Huff’s Fun and Fantastical Slippers to Knit in the mail for review, he made it clear, under no uncertain terms, that whatever slippers I made from this book would belong to him.

Foxy pattern by Mary Scott Huff

“Foxy” from Fun and Fantastical Slippers to Knit by Mary Scott Huff

As the wonderful wife that I am, I handed over Mary’s new book and let him pick the pattern. He was torn between “Foxy” and “Pennies from Heaven.” I don’t enjoy felting, so I made the choice for him and pulled some of Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease out of my stash. The pattern recommends Tosh Vintage Yarn by Madelinetosh, but I’ve met my husbands toes. He needs something easy to wash, and wash often.

As a long time crocheter and relatively new knitter, a few of the techniques in this particular pattern were out of my wheelhouse, including Judy’s Magic Cast On and working cables. But, I love a good challenge and there’s no better way to learn new techniques than to take on a pattern that is above your level.

It turns out that I LOVE knitting cables. Once these are finished, I might tackle the HP LoveVest pattern. For now, I’m looking forward to working on these during my flight to Puerto Rico tomorrow. My husband and are going there for a whole week to visit his family.

Side Note: I’ve been stressing all week on how many projects to bring and which ones. Clearly the answer is to bring ALL OF THEM.

Penny Loafer Slippers

“Fun and Fantastical Slippers to Knit” contains 20 cozy patterns of flora, fauna, and iconic styles for kids and grownups. I love the detailed technique section on felting and adding leather soles to your finished slippers. There is even a section on how to re-purpose rubber soles! The book truly lives up to the Fun and Fantastical name, and if you already have Mary Scott Huff’s previous pattern book, Fun and Fantastical Hats to knit, this will not disappoint and is a must for your knitting library. I have a feeling I’ll get a lot of mileage out of this book for quick gifts. Check back in February for a follow up to this post with the completed slippers!

“Honey, you can only take one carry on and I’m pretty sure you’ll need your checked bag for actual clothes.”

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