The Pajama Fairy

Merry Onesie Christmas

Merry Onesie Christmas from 2012, complete with rocker face!

Since Megan-Anne and I moved from Indiana to Pennsylvania nearly six years ago, we’ve had to cultivate our own Christmas traditions. We weren’t always able to make it home for the holidays and there was a while there — before our husbands came along — it was just the two of us, our yarn, and our cats. Then, one particularly morose Christmas Eve, the Pajama Fairy came!

Megan-Anne and I gave each other funny pj’s the night before Christmas and made a pact that no matter how ridiculous they were, we had to wear them the next day in order to gain entrance to Christmas morning. It was pretty tame that first year. Megan-Anne received fuzzy penguin pj’s and I got one’s with owls. But now, things are getting a bit out of control:

Merry Onesie Christmas 2

This year the Pajama Fairy brought Mr. Cappuccino and I two different inceptions of Batman in onesie form, complete with masks and capes. Megan-Anne and Mr. Llama received Star Trek footie pajamas. They might be red shirts, but I have a feeling these two crazy kids will make it back from the mission alive.

I know I’m thirty and an adult, but there is something magical about donning a onesie and ripping open a bunch of gifts, especially when one of those gifts is a six month subscription to Yarnbox and the other is this super cool spoon from Sycamore Hill.

In case you’re wondering what came in my Yarnbox, it was five skeins of Outlaw Yarn’s BRAND NEW Bohemia Sport in Morris. Made from 45% Polwarth, 45% Alpaca and 10% Possum fiber, this stuff is rub-on-your-cheek magical. Normally, I’m not a big fan of yarns containing brushtail possum, but I love this. I’m not sure what I’m going to make with it yet, but I’m leaning towards a crocheted vest for spring. Probably something with lace panels.

What awesome knitty things did you guys get? What non-traditional traditions do you guys have a blast celebrating over the holidays?

~ Jac
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