It’s a Cross Stitching Shame

It’s been a while since Megan-Anne and I posted a knitshame. Knitshaming is kind of like dog shaming, but for knitters, crocheters, spinners, and generally anything having to do with fiber artistry. That project you’ve had sitting in a bin for three years, knitshame. That scarf you’ve frogged six times, knitshame. But, there is more to it than pointing out deep dark yarn-based secrets. The idea is to confess these things so we can see that there is nothing to be ashamed of since we all do it.

This week’s knitshame comes to you straight from Megan-Anne’s cross stitch obsession. My dear sweet sister loves cross stitch — or so she says. She has a lovely collection of kits. Here are a couple I found while searching for a tape measure the other day.

Ruth Sanderson cross stitch

I was with her when she bought these Ruth Sanderson kits and if memory serves correctly, it was over three years ago. After a little more digging, because what’s the point of being sisters if you can’t dig up more dirt to point and laugh at, I found the cross stitched map she’s been working on for almost TEN years.

Of course, it would take over ten years to finish a cross stitch of this size when you only work on it for one week out of the year after remembering that you love to cross stitch… and then you remember you’re filled with impatience and need something with more instant gratification like knitting.

cross stitch map

This one even comes complete with a coffee stain! Because no Lattes and Llamas project is complete until one of us has spilled caffeinated goodness on it.

coffee stain

Then, of course, there is Megan-Anne’s collection of embroidery floss, which has never been touched other than to add new colors.

pile of floss

Is there something about crafty people and their need to collect crafts? I’m just as guilty of it as Megan-Anne. One day I’ll share with you my prodigious collection of scrapbooking supplies or all that stuff from my painting phase. But, we can’t be the only artistically inclined people who have the urge to try all of these things and then end up with a horde of untouched leftovers.

~ Jac
Do the contents of the embroidery floss tin represent our untapped creativity and adventurousness or does it represent our failures?