I ran into the idea of knitshaming on Kelly Without a Net while wandering the internet. It’s kind of like dog shaming, but for knitters.

So for your pleasure I would like to share this hat:

My brother-in-law, wearing the awful batman atrocity I made him and his special Jake the Dog onsie.

My brother-in-law, wearing the Batman atrocity I made for him to his specifications… along with his Jake the Dog onesie. Christmas morning at our house is weird.

I delivered it an entire year late to my brother-in-law.  He asked for it for Christmas 2012 and got it this year.  But the point is that he got it. (Even though Jac, his wife, begged me not to make it. The earflaps of the hat are extended into a scarf while the hat itself has Batman ears and a mask that folds down.)

Feel free to shame me in the comments.  I deserve it.

~ Megan-Anne

I am the night.